How To: Bathroom Remodel 10

Time for the next step on the walls,… or is it??? What happens now??? DnaHogHunter, lucky day?


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Updated: March 7, 2014 — 12:01 pm


  1. Wall is looking good. Cant wait to see it done. (bet you cant either LOL)

  2. Nice fix.

  3. I feel like I’m going backwards!!!

  4. Ain’t that the truth!!!

  5. Thanks!

  6. looks like a real old concrete wall, interesting.

  7. Wait til you see it done!

  8. You set are wrong conection to the drain, combination does not go to the
    vertical pipeand clean out is needed,also is not necessery to put the no
    hub band glue.But entire businiss is great congratulation for the

  9. @trstionica69 Yeah plumbing is not my thing. I put it back how it came out.

  10. that same thing happened to us, in the kitchen the contractors who put in
    the floor, hit a pipe when they were putting in the base boared we didn’t
    know right away!.

  11. @Piratejenny25 that sucks!

  12. You put a Wye in place of a Tee….and never glue rubber it will destroy
    the no hub! Clean your Pvc a little better and screw the primer..just use
    heavy duty glue

  13. good job dude , i get to build a bathroom in my in-laws house . i have a 6
    jet wirlpool bath tub i bought for 40 buck and a pretty nice vanity i got
    for a bill . i think i will use the paint and texture idea . sorry but im
    stealing it : )

  14. @TheMarkdoster have at it! Thanks for watching!

  15. wrong fitting, wrong glue, horrible workmanship – Glue on a no hub band?
    Might not leak, but it will siphon the trap and cause sewer gas to come up
    through your sink. You were right about one thing …. wasted day on
    repairs. There is a reason plumbing is a licensed profession. Call someone
    who knows how to do it right and stick to the painting!

  16. yaeh I dont do plumbing that good, but this is what the plumber at the
    store said to use. No gases or problems and its been a few years

  17. Love ho you show all the steps ! not missing or jumping , thx man

  18. he is probably a plumber

  19. welcome

  20. Just a tip for next time. When you put the fernco (rubber sleeve) on, put
    it on the top pipe and then fold the end that doesn’t have pipe over
    itself. It will make a nearly flush joint. Then slide the lower piece in
    line and “peel” the rubber back to the way it was. You got lucky and it
    went pretty easy but it isn’t always that easy lol. Great videos keep up
    the good work.

  21. At least he’s trying to fix things him self! Most people dont even
    try…… No need to sound like a dick….. I KNOW PLENTY of so called
    “PROFESSIONALS” that use short cuts. And Id bet you are possibly one of
    them too!!! Good on you dnahoghunter for trying to do things your self!!!

  22. thank you

  23. You have videos up doing it properly? Or just spending you time telling
    others how not to do things?

  24. thanks for the tip

  25. when u over priced labor vultures stop charging more than surgeons maybe we

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