How to describe nine learning experiences that promote physical

physical – gym or outside gym – monkey bars, running, sliding, playing in a sandbox, riding a bike, playing with toys promotes flexibility, improves eye-hand coordination, improves creativity while building and playing in a sandbox, improves muscle toning by climbing and moving along the rings and bars, improves agility, helps child become more physically fit and helps children learn to cooperate by sharing toys and space, while in the gym or on the playground.


Cognitive – Counting (dolls, toys, blocks etc.), reading, learning the alphabet, and singing can help improve math, literacy, analytical and cognitive functioning, as well as promote a playful learning environment. By singing animals songs such as “Old MacDonald” and “When Animals Get up In the Morning”, babies and children can begin to find out about animals and the sounds they make which relates to science and music. Singing also helps increase brain synopses which makes for higher functioning infants, toddlers and people overall. Counting is the basis for higher math later on, but math has to begin somewhere. Maintaining math skills leads to higher critical thinking skills later on by understanding reasoning, order, patterns and problem solving.

Creative – Can include art, music, writing, centers for activities. Artistic activities that involve paper, painting, pencils, creative arts, materials, markers, chalk and designing can help an infant and child to become more original in their thought process. People become better problem solvers later on, by creating their own designs, paintings, drawings. They begin to work with original ideas which they can embellish. A child’s problem solving skills can lead to being better problem solvers as adults. Such abilities may include figuring out how to block draining in a laundry sink at home, how to stop leakage in an attic, how to redesign or improve a dwelling.

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