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 A few basic tips on how to do plumbing yourself and make fixes on the three major types of problems can save you a ton of money over the life of your home.

The three are LEAKS, CLOGS and DRIPS. Fix it yourself and you won’t have to call a plumber!. In many areas, plumbers charge $80 and up per hour, so it’s worth it to learn how to do plumbing yourself. Its also a good idea to learn a few plumbing basics, which will give you the knowledge you need for most fix it yourself plumbing jobs, and also will help when you talk with salespeople at hardware stores and big boxes.

Basically, two systems are involved in your plumbing. Water comes in under pressure from the supply system and goes to plumbing fixtures, like sprinklers and faucets through PVC, copper or galvanized pipes. Gravity alone moves waste and water into the septic system or the sewer. Drain systems also incorporate vent piping to exhaust sewer gasses through your roof, allowing your drains to drain properly.


Home plumbing problems are most frustrating when it comes to leaks, as they happen in both incoming and outgoing systems. So it’s important to learn about leaks, how to find them, and how to fix them. When you see a leak, or the evidence of one (discolored area, mushy wallboard, water on the floor, etc.) trace it to its source.

This can be done by listening, looking for water stains or by searching with your fingers or your flashlight. Find the source (the pipe or fitting) and the actual “how” to do plumbing in this situation may become more obvious. Tightening joints can stop some leaks, as can replacing a section of pipe. Patch kits are available at hardware and home improvement stores or you can make your own. For more solutions, clickLEAKS.


Usually it’s easy to fix a plumbing problem like a clog, as they are only found in the unpressurized drain system. Most of the common clogs are close to the appliance (sink or bathtub) and toilets.

The first tool to try is a plunger, which often will take care of it. The other tool you may need is a plumbing snake. Both are reasonably priced (a few dollars) and are simple to use. For more, click CLOGS.


Probably the first thing to tackle in order to learn how to do plumbing yourself is how to fix drips. You’ll really feel like a plumber doing this. Its the cleanest, easiest and most rewarding of the plumbing fixes. Drips happen inside the fixture (spigot or faucet) and the fix is almost always a rubber washer, “o” ring or gasket. Drips are annoying, but generally don’t ruin anything. The important issue is that drips waste gallons and gallons of water! Click DRIPS for ways to fix these.

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Learning how to do plumbing yourself using basic plumbing tools will help you to take care of most of the problems. If you’ve tried all the simple solutions, though, be safe about hiring someone. Click the image below for free quotes from licensed, fast, guaranteed plumbers in your area.

emergency plumber

Plumbers are valuable resources for remodels, big jobs and emergencies, but not so much for saving you money on small or really simple things.

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