How to Remodel a Kitchen in 60 Seconds (Time Lapse)

A time lapse of a start (rip out) to finish (hurrah) kitchen remodeling. All in 60 seconds. Notice that the window/sink moves from the awkward corner positio…


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Updated: December 22, 2013 — 12:54 am


  1. yup, got it. will go do mine right now!

  2. Nice video, but the kitchen looked better before the remodel 😛

  3. I think the kitchen look better before remodel too……

  4. Actually there is more room in the new kitchen. The island in the old
    kitchen was much wider making the aisles smaller and more difficult to
    manurver. The first picture of the old kitchen is deceiving as it is
    missing some stools for the counter and the table is missing.

  5. Something in the $60K range including window, french door (not visible) and

  6. Very nice work. Nice design and feel and I love the tile pattern on the
    floor.The arch going in was really nice as well. Are you adding a column?

  7. The Gray pantry is a very nice contrast…

  8. The old kitchen looked dry. Way too much unused wall space. The new Kitchen
    has more functionality and more character. Although I liked the old tile
    better ( my taste) I think the new tile goes better with the new kitchen.

  9. Sorry the time lapse was going fast…thanks for the info…I like it

  10. The arch (barely visible at the top of the frame) has box columns with
    flutes at either end. That was built by myself.

  11. The old tile was much nicer. The new kitchen is “mehh”, too much white.

  12. Thanks fir the tips.

  13. Great Video! Need to add a butcher block top built into the kitchen island,
    this would be sweet! I got mine here: ChefDepot . com / kitchentables . htm
    (copy link and paste together)

  14. There wasn’t anything wrong with the “before” picture at all! That was a
    nice kitchen. In fact, I thought the old one was the “after” picture. You
    just wasted tens of thousands of dollars! I hate when people feel the need
    to “remodel” a kitchen that’s less than 25 years old. Gut the ones fromt he
    50’s-70’s; those are ugly and outdated!

  15. The original kitchen was TRULY the worse kitchen in the world. Maybe you
    needed to see it to believe how bad it truly was. The cabinets weren’t
    cabinets at all but doors on cobbled together boxes of whatever was left
    over from the construction of the house. The ceiling was caving in from a
    bathroom leak. The island was far too big for adults to move around. The
    window and sink in the corner was just wrong. I coundn’t have sold the
    house as it was. It had to go. Best money I’ve spent.

  16. Swanstone is great and takes very little care and upkeep. Granite has an
    issue with stains.

  17. @kc8grp You and I think alike! I totally agree with your comment. Some
    people just have what my Dad used to call “excess money problems, ” and are
    never satisfied. They could be saving their money for retirement, or to
    help with grand childrens college, or a friend who lost his job and health
    insurance due to a health problem. all that money didn’t need to be sunk
    into a kitchen which was better than most in the first place. Priorities?

  18. @kc8grp I love it – this guy just paid thousands to make a crapper kitchen
    lmao The after one looks cheesy and cliche where as the before was pretty
    nice and classic – you guys make me cry lol lol lol with laughter You fool
    – hope you got more in the bank lol lol lol lol

  19. yep liked the new one WAY better…nice job!

  20. I think you should have gone with stainless steel appliances, Black lacquer
    finish cabinets that are flush with each other using simple rectangular
    stainless steel handles. Finished off with Swanstone flooring squares. I
    realize that is easier said then done and can be expensive though. Look at
    the Viceroy Miami residences style for reference.

  21. While it is difficult to see in the video, all the appliances are stainless
    steel. As to black cabinets – way too dark for my tastes. Swanstone
    flooring? Didn’t know it existed.

  22. wew! in 60 seconds? maybe hiring a lot of man doing that. hahaha it was
    just a matter of video editing.

  23. It looked like a de-modeling. The old one looked better.

  24. Thanks for the compliments. The cabinets on the right side and the island
    are bluish-gray. Quite pretty.

  25. “Remodel a Kitchen in 60 Seconds”……….50 second video…..this guy is

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