How To: Remodel Bathroom 15

Time for the tile. This will get ya’ll started. Remember, I’m no pro. Just a guy like ya’ll, doing it myself!!! You can too!!!


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Updated: December 21, 2013 — 1:30 am


  1. Thanks!!!

  2. Thanks. Thats as far as I have gotten. I need a free day to do more. Yeah,
    its ALOT of work editting it that way. I show 1/2 sec and cut 6 mins each

  3. A work of art indeed!!! Cool vid D!!! I am very impressed!!!! 5/5

  4. Nice…looking real good….have a project for you here @ my house when
    your done…..will have to give a try

  5. Great, High Quality Instructional Video!! Good stuff! The work looks good!!
    Congrats!! 5*s

  6. Thanks Robert! It ended kinda abrupt tho.

  7. Man thats lookin good. I hate laying tile almost as much as hangin sheet
    rock. It sure looks good when its done though. 5*s for defeating gravity!

  8. I like doing the tile!!! Sheetrock sucks!!! Thanks for the comment!!!

  9. Thanks Bub. Be in Bastrop seting feeders Sunday and Monday. YEAH >>>——->

  10. Yeah if you watch them you will see I use a premix on the cieling and
    regular mud on the floor and walls. I’m no pro, thats why I didn’t show how
    to mix. Follow package directions… I just dump the water in and mix!!!….

  11. that thin peace you got of the tile when showing the machine can actualy
    bend ? is that plastic I didnt think so , but strange it bended hey dude
    great video

  12. great vids thanks, when you start the wall tile, why not figure out how
    much you will have so that you can cut a thin one on top and bottom before
    the decorative design stuff? This way you have two tiles that are even on
    top and bottom, I know I am very meticulous, just wondering if there was a
    reason other then not wanting to perform the extra work, I am about to
    tackle my first bathroom.

  13. @merc45 I didnt think that far ahead

  14. I love all your videos bud, seriously great stuff.Just wanted to comment
    about something for future reference.Tile and backer board (cement board)
    and tile adhesive/thinset mortar are water resistant but not
    waterproof.Your shower should be just fine, but moisture does get behind
    the tile/cement board over the years.From what I know (i’m no expert
    either), you should use a vapor barrier behind the backer board OR water
    proofing membrane over the entire surface of the backer board. Love the

  15. Yes, I’ve seen the same thing on pro installs; at least a vapor barrier
    behind the backer board. Excellent work for a guy who has never tiled.

  16. question???? How long did this take to do?also ,,,did you lay the baker
    board directly on the tub? Thanks

  17. too long! I was lazy. Yes the bacher board drops over the edge of the tub
    so the water doesnt run into the wall

  18. Dam good job partner

  19. thanks

  20. love watching these vids.. its better than hgtv lol… u should make more

  21. theres some on redoing bedrooms

  22. whats the green stuff…ive done a few tile repairs in my life but never
    used a sealer on the screws…now that i see it i wonder why i never
    considered it…is it just primer or something special?

  23. its a sealer kinda rubber plastic stuff

  24. did you use the same stuff to put the tile up on the wall in the place of

  25. its only used to seal the cracks, you still use mudd for the tile

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