HOW TO: Remodel your Ugly Armor! :D [Tera Online]

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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 8:08 am


  1. how dare you! the global chat is one of the best things in TERA

  2. There were shitty Korean MMOs that had transmogging long before WoW had it.

  3. Can we be bffs on TERA plox.

  4. Age of conan did it better; It was free and instant!

  5. “Transmogrification”

  6. If you had an account in the past, you can play for free till Feb. 1st. It
    goes F2P officially sometime in Feb. They haven’t released a set date yet.

  7. 3 questions c: 1. What resolution are you running tera on 2. What are you
    computer spec,star things 3. WHY ARE YOU SO COOL

  8. If I’m understanding correctly, you’re asking what you do if you remodel
    and get an item with better stats? I’m not 100% sure if you can use the
    remodeled item to remodel the new one, but if not, you’d have to just get
    another one of the armor sets that you like and remodel the new item to
    that one. 🙂

  9. Nah I’m on Mount Tyrannus or however it’s spelled. XD

  10. Thank you so much i looooooove u i was looking for this desperately.

  11. You explained so nicely how to right click so that you can see the armor on
    before buying–I’ve tried right clicking but nothing–I’ve watched you do
    it in video a few times to see what I’m missing but going ingame and
    highlighting the item, then right clicking doesn’t show my character with
    the clothing. Please, help? Thanks for your time. 🙁

  12. press ctrl and right click at the same time i think

  13. Thank You so much, I just got my AM Robe and wont to change but didn’t know
    how to :p

  14. ill never know you could remodel your armor if i havent seen this
    video!!!!!! thnx you soooo much

  15. I don’t know if you mentioned this at the end but the armour you want it to
    look like make sure it say’s eligible as template 🙂

  16. Thank you, very helpful.

  17. 2:53 “What is wrong with these people..” Rofl, some of the chat in Tera can
    certainly be (let me think of a polite description) entertaining in a
    totally off color kind of way.

  18. Thanks so much, my armour looked like I was a from fucking Couger Town -_-

  19. Hes not saying wow copied it hes just saying its easier to say transmog,
    for him

  20. Try using an uncensore patch (it’s actually just copy-pasting) for female
    elin and high-elf armors. They look waaaaayyyyy better. just use google
    Tera japanese uncensore

  21. hello +AevynneLulzTiem may i ask you where i can get the armor of this
    popori in the vid, pls help me much appreciate it 😀
    TERA Mounts – Green and Red Goblin

  22. thx , you’r funny :D

  23. Right click and ctrl I don’t think works any more as I did it when i
    remodelled it the first time but now it wont do a preview so I don’t know
    what’s happening.

  24. Marry me ! PLS ! I fell in love !

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