Ideal Hand Tools


What are the ideal hand tools? Or which tools, at aminimum should you, the homeowner have on hand?

The image above shows the basic hand tools every homeowner needs just to deal with the everyday issues and problems that will inevitably come up.

Most people have a screwdriver or two, a hammer and a drill, but if your tool collection is lacking, you’ll be using the wrong tool a lot. Scan across this image and see which tool(s) you need to be prepared. Being a homeowner means you may have to repair or adjust certain things even if you don’t plan on doing much remodeling.

There are people out there who’ve used tools for multitasking purposes so much, the tool isn’t any good for the purpose for which it was originally designed! Some people think the one idealhand tool is a multi tool (pictured rightVictorinox Swiss Tool CS Plus, for around $80.00). A tool to maybe keep in the car, but for that same eighty bucks you could buy the entire list of hand tools (pictured above).

Click the link to see descriptions of these 12 “ideal hand tools” named so because together they potentially can fix, replace and upgrade nearly everything needing your attention.

With few exceptions, cheap hand tools are as bad or worse than using the wrong tool for the job because you rely on the tool to do its job without breaking. And if it does break you may need bandages! The history of hand tools is filled with broken dreams and barked knuckles as men and women constantly attempt to make ideal hand tools. Modern hand tools are the result of many, many people simply wanting to work more efficiently.

And, if you are specifically interested in woodworking tools, there’s no better coach than The Woodworking Coach! On this website he passes on his vast knowledge of woodworking hand tools and power tools used in his lifetime as a carpenter. Check it out!

Whether or not you have these basic ideal hand tools or have amassed a near-professional collection, the tips below could save you trips to the store for replacements, loss of money and, most importantly, painful injuries.

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Ideal Hand Tools

 Plan! Include tools needed, parts and all materials
 Buy the best quality tool you can afford.
 Always use the tool for the job in which it was designed
 Throw away broken tools or tools with loose handles (or fix ’em)
 Wear safety goggles with things that even might harm your eyes
 Always remain set and balanced when working with tools
 Make sure the screwdriver fits the screw
 Keep fingers and hair well away from moving blades or bits
 Read instruction manuals if provided with tool
 Always cut away from your body and all body parts
 Make certain the wrench fits the job and is adjusted correctly
 Pull the wrench toward you when possible
 Work in clutter free, well lit environments

Ideal Hand Tools

 Use one hammer to strike another hammer
 Pry nails or pry wood toward you
 Operate power tools near flammable products
 Use screwdrivers as pry bars, scrapers punches or chisels
 Use a wrench, screwdriver or other tool as a hammer
 Make pliers act like wrenches (a major cause of hand injuries)
 Touch a saw blade or drill bit immediately after use
 Use a make-shift handle extension to add power to turn a wrench
 Alter or “customize” a tool
 Use a worn out tool or one with worn teeth or blades
 Hold your work in one hand while cutting/drilling with the other

The most important tip to remember, however, is to make sure all your tools are returned to their toolbox or drawer sharp and clean. Also, make sure the little kids cannot get into your tools … but they’re never too young to learn the safe way to use them!

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