Insurance Companies Dropping Home Owners Insurance Policies Because Long Island is Do for a Hurricane

What is my community is doing to prepare for hurricanes?

You want to know the honest-to-God-truth about what’s going on, on Long Island?


Well almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry of a home owners insurance company has been dropping clients like flies. That’s right. I had an employee tell me that State Farm dropped her home owners insurance with a lovely letter saying that we are getting a hurricane this year and this is the reason why her insurance was dropped.

Funny how they just assumed we ARE getting a hurricane. Not perhaps, not due… but WE ARE. Pretty amusing if you ask me, I guess they have a new psychic working for them who can predict the future with a big claim that we ARE getting hit this year.

What was shocking mostly though was that the lady who had this insurance had been a client for over 20 years and had never in that 20-year period made a claim.

Well excuse me. I feel they should reimburse her for every damn dime she’s ever trusted them with. Now that seems fair to me, would you agree!?

We are due for one I guess, and because we are do for one insurance companies panic and drop clients and/or raise the rate so they have no choice but to leave on their own. Shady tactics right? You bet. I just find it pathetic how a company you have been with for 20 years can drop you like that.

The insurance companies are so shady now ever since Katrina, that I would not be shocked to have them drop every single customer if THERE WAS a hurricane heading our way. We would all get letters a day before it hits that we have been dropped. It is ridiculous that big companies with millions of customers put their trust in shady company’s like this.

The companies are saying it is to protect themselves from going bankrupt… but all the money that people give in monthly, all the client base… I’m shocked that these company’s best interest is not those who PAY them. It’s selfish, it’s morally wrong, and something needs to be done before all of us Long Islanders are forced to pay price hikes, or be dropped. Its ridiculous!

It’s scary knowing that if a hurricane does head our way that these companies could easily drop us a letter in the mail and tell us we’re no long insured.

That’s my hurricane news for my community as of right now.

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