Is Barack Obama a good president?

Barack Obama is a colossal failure. He has done EVERYTHING wrong. Every decision he makes poisons our country. To save America, we must do the opposite of everything Obama is doing.

1. Obama has wasted $819 billion of our tax dollars on a failed stimulus package and trillions more on bailouts. He is committing generation theft, putting our children and grandchildren in massive debt. Now he wants more. We should ban stimulus, bailouts and earmarks. They are nothing more than pork barrel spending to buy votes and reward his Democratic political cronies.

2. Obama is imposing the biggest income tax increase in history, placing most of the tax burden on small business owners. We should do the opposite. Taxpayers and small businesses are the engines of our economy. They create most of the jobs and tax revenue. We should reward them with a one-year income tax vacation. The cost would be about the same as Obama’s failed stimulus fiasco and would turn this recession into a great economic boom.

3. Obama has repeatedly violated the Constitution, highlighted by his refusal to investigate ACORN for voter registration fraud and the two Black Panthers charged with intimidating white voters in the 2008 election. He also opposes gun ownership in the hands of law-abiding citizens. We should respect and follow the Constitution, the greatest document ever created.

4. Obama doesn’t believe in states’ rights, ordering the U.S. government to sue Arizona's new immigration law. We should kill the lawsuit, secure our borders, stop illegal immigration and respect states' rights as the Constitution demands.

5. Obama has dramatically increased the size, scope, power and spending of government with his healthcare and so-called financial reform bills. His promise to lower health costs while expanding coverage is a lie, something that never was and never will be: a bureaucracy lowering costs in a free society; either the costs go up or the free society goes away. We should repeal the healthcare bill and reduce the size of government, putting more money and power in the hands of individual citizens. We should fire overpaid government employees, stop all raises and cut their obscene salaries and pensions that are bankrupting America.

6. Obama has treated our allies (such as Israel) harshly, while treating evil rulers that support terrorism (Iran, North Korea, Syria, Cuba, Venezuela) with kid gloves. We should do the opposite: treat friends with respect and not give enemies the time of day. We should also do what should have been done decades ago: eliminate foreign aid to despots and adversaries across the globe.

7. Obama is spending billions on our failing public education system solely to reward his teachers’ union campaign contributors. We should eliminate the Department of Education and transition government out of this area. In the interim, we should move education funding to the state and local level and encourage vouchers to give parents the freedom to pursue alternatives such as home-schooling, private, charter and religious schools. We should abolish public employee unions and restore to administrators the ability to hire, fire and grant raises based on performance.

8. Obama supports the Federal Reserve and asks them to print ever-more money, devaluing our currency and stealing every American’s savings. We should audit the Fed, and make it transparent and accountable to the people.

9. Obama responded to the Gulf oil disaster with an oil-drilling moratorium costing 100,000 jobs. Obama’s tragic solution destroys the Gulf economy and makes America more dependent on foreign oil. We should do the opposite: encourage more offshore drilling and allow it closer to shore, where disasters can be more easily prevented.

10. Obama has expanded the war in Afghanistan, sending an additional 30,000 troops there. We should stop this no-win war. The original purpose and goals have been long since forgotten. Bring our brave troops home.

I could go on and on, but these are the main points of what he is doing wrong (the most important are at the top). Barack Obama is a corrupt, anti-American socialist dictator. He will go down as the worst U.S. president ever.


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