K9 Guard Dog Training – Advice?

So I live in a not so friendly neighbour hood. I am considering adopting one of the dogs I am fostering. I often do not like walking at night especially now that the sun is going down earlier and earlier, because I fear for my safety, as well as the safety of my current 15 lbs puppy.

Now I would never do something that would be bad for my dogs health, behavior, etc…

Now the puppy i'm considering adopting is going to be large and fairly intimidating looking.

She would make for a good watch dog as well as a good deterrent to creepers on walks. She would make me feel safe. Now I by no means know how to train a guard dog, and would NEVER consider doing it on my own. But I have looked up some on this and there is specific hard core training places that help to train you and your dog. I would like her to know when a threat is perceived or if I use a command that she would step in to action.

Now I wanted some advice on this as I am unsure about the whole idea. Anything is appreciated. Thank you.

Lorraine – Not my question. But thanks.

@Lorraine. Trust me, I absolutely love Rottie's. I would not get one in my current circumstances by any means. I appreciate the breed as one of my all time favorites. The one I was considering adopting is a mutt. First Nations Reserve rescue that I am fostering, along with her sister.

Was just curious about the process of training. Thanks for the advice. Keep fighting for Rotties.

Well at least you are now saying that you can't train the dog yourself unlike your last question.


You are still missing the point a little.

As Kaper says, a dog that is suitable to take forward for training is a very special dog, and that's not all of them. It's like with police dogs, very few make it through the training as they have to have a superb temperament to do this work. That is really not evident until the dog is a little older and this is why police pups are not even assessed until over 1 yr old to go forward for training.

I have at this very moment (came in yesterday) a guard dog (rottie) in my kitchen. He has gone lame and they would of put him down but we have taken him into rescue. His owner used to lock up parks late at night and the dog was employed to be with him. This dog is NO GUARD DOG. He has had no guard dog training and he lived in the family home with the guy and his kids. He is absolutely gorgeous and in fact a little bit of a woos.

If you are going to get a rottie as that is what you were talking about, then bring this dog up to be TOTALLY SOLID, friendly, sociable etc. I deal with rotties ALL the time… hundreds and I can tell you now if you just pulled tight on a rotts lead when walking down the road and showed anxiety through the lead then there would be few that didn't react and get the message. Hence we have to be so careful.

I know I was quite rude to you in your last question, but I ADORE this breed. Have had and worked with them for over 20 yrs and spend hours per day trying to promote the good side of these dogs. I don't need people that don't know what they are doing trying to do a bit of DIY guard dog training with a dog that has not even been temperament tested. A dog that goes forward for training has got to be SO sound. Yes I get rude because I do not want to see this breed banned.

Bring your rottie up with firm fair discipline and forget the “guard” dog bit. Go to schutzhund if you want and get shown and trained with your dog. The dog thinks of it is a sport and doesn't get aggressive at all. Great fun for all and you will learn lots and in the correct way.

I would never go to one of these Guard Dog Training Centres unless I totally trusted them.

Let me tell you something else. I have been bitten by one rottie in all that time, and he was being rehabilitated by a guy that is supposed to be one of the best in the UK. The dog was supposed to face off at me only – it didn't – it bit me in the arm. Even people like him get it wrong.

Add — I can see now that the join dates are different, even though the user name is exactly the same. Time yahoo stopped duplicate user names tbh. No matter, I will leave it there as it adds to the debate.

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