Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce

Hello Reader;

Back in August 17, 2011 upon looking at the celestial hospices I knew this relationship could never last…I wrote my feelings about it and once again the future proved me right.  Enjoy…


Reality TV star Kim Kardashian is officially off the market after she married New Jersey Nets star Kris Humphries on Saturday.

Good luck you will need it kids…Again those rich and famous young souls (like the millions of envious unconscious people watching them) have NO clue of the Plutonic, deadly forces they invited in their home when they decided to marry Saturday August 20th.

“The pair dated for about six months prior to their engagement in May. They tied the knot on a private estate in Montecito, California.”

Indeed Pluto is very secretive in nature and this planet rules extreme power, extreme fame, extreme  wealth and of course extreme drama leading to DEATH!  When I wrote “Kim Kardashin Versus Kris Hunphries” for the world to read and Kim’ similar fate as Princess Diana, anyone depraved of Cosmic Consciousness will with time; (as I am CNN before CNN!) undoubtedly realize the awful penalty imposed on those ignoring God’ signs or the Cosmic Code jurisdictions. As in the secretive/deadly case of Princess Diana, when Pluto is in charge much of their traumatic predicted life will be keept under the rug, at least until its disastrous power becomes too obvious inviting the police as experienced with departed abused Nicole Simpson, also born in October like Kim…

 “The future has and will always be my utmost trusted witness.”

Dr. Turi

Kim Kardashian , Kris Humphries under “deadly Plutonic hurricane warnings”

This window produced these dramatics news on CNN but who trains any celebrities to check on the Cosmic Code regulations, the signs or omens before engaging in life? Its like getting married right in the eye of a tornado, Indeed ignorance is evil…

It is so disastrous for me NOT to be able to reach the young couple BEFORE tying the knot yesterday in California and now all I can do is to be perceived as a jealous  bad wisher by the uneducated, unconscious mass that have NO clue of my 99% track record of accurate predictions. Yes it is karmic reader, its already written in the stars for this young famous couple to once again reflect the Universal ignorance plaguing this world and it seems to be already set by God’s unbending will… 

While all celebrities are surrounded by millions of envious people and organizations/cults dealing, living, promoting, using  and tapping on their status a couple a books, especially “2011 Moon Power” (Now free) with my guidance and predictions is all that was needed to avoid the terrible Plutonic fate ahead of them and much of the unconscious lost, religiously poisoned mass.

Yes reader, you are not rich, neither famous to the eyes of the world but for a second what Princess Diana, Nicole Simpson and the millions of others abused NOW DEAD souls would do if they could change history? Yes in “paradise” their perception of the truth is immaculate, thus they all become Cosmic Conscious and can relate to my mission to free the human spirit from fear and ignorance…Do you think they would invest in me to produce my reality show? I let you formulate your own answer hoping if you have the means to help meSAVING all other young couples NOT to make such a drastic unforgiving mistake that will become the breaking news of the future on CNN.

I wonder in the name of humanity’s sanity knowing, yet another “accident” will happen WHY I do not get the help I desperately need to educate the world? 

Keep in mind reader, again you are not rich and famous on this physical world, but when you manage to build enough Cosmic Consciousness with me as your chosen spiritual guide, then you become a billionaire in the spiritual world simply because you already KNOW so much more that 99.09% of the world’s moronic population.  And of course this mean knowing that life has no price, your real option to save your and your loved ones in the process…Something that Princess Diana, Kim Kardashian, Kris Humphries, Nicole Simpson and an incalculable number of other people rich and poor alike, did not know during their life time…

But imagine one second, if one of Kim’s fan manage to reach her with this Cosmic Code newsletter, what do you think she will think or do? Exactly like any other unconscious soul ASSUME anything instead of digging into Dr. Turi’s past predictions loading the Internet. Yes Kim and other celebrities are much too busy in their own very consuming famous lives to deal with their salvation and avoid the horrific fate I know will unfold with time…

All we can do now is to let this newsletter seat in my archives until my  “vision” as always, become a reality…As the future is nothing else than the reincarnation of the thoughts, all the fans can do is to pray for them but in order to stop deadly Pluto drama and death to come will take much more than prayers. Why would an impartial God protect them when they did not see or hear  him in the first place? Rich or poor, famous or not, smart or stupid God does not care, mess up with his celestial will and pay the penalty that’s all there is to it…All is that and that is all!

While I do not expect to attract millions of people as Kim and Kris will on their special on E or their reality shows simply remember what they are offering you at the end, only entertainment

I am offering to save your life and so much more speaking and translating God’s divinity, with the only big problem that the world is not yet ready for me… 

Blessings to all

Dr. Turi

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