Kitchen Remodel Cabinet Install part 1

http://www.toolking.com/products/13600238.aspx Toologics Editor Jude Herr and her Father are at it again. Today they are starting to hang the Kitchen Cabinet…


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Updated: December 3, 2013 — 5:23 am


  1. …can we say “A.D.D.” to saksak?

  2. excellent how to video,thanks for posting

  3. Should have shown a before picture

  4. Your dad is fricken’ awesome!

  5. You could do with loosing the music it is very distracting. Check out my
    channel for great kitchen refit videos. Join my campaign MARKET ME 4 FREE!
    Tell your subscribers about me and I tell mine about you!


  7. replacementcounters

    nice detail work. It is always the finishing touches that matter most

  8. There is no need to drill the holes that low so the screw goes into the
    cabinet. Most cabinets have a lip that extends up and down so you can set
    the screw without going inside the cabinet. It might not matter on normal
    doors but it shows on glass doors-and in my opinion is poor craftsmanship
    to open your cabinets and see screws in them.

  9. for sure

  10. its hilarious how people think they are special hanging garbage cabinets on
    the wall

  11. @djfunkshowkid Thats funny!

  12. I thought it was very helpful! I could hear the father and he explained
    things pretty good.All of you with the negative comments are just jealous
    that he was able to explain things and demonstrate with eaze. if you didnt
    like the video all you had to do was stop watching it. But ,yes you are
    entiled to your comment. GREAT VIDEO!

  13. wrong background music choice…

  14. Whatever, I think its a brilliant video, very informative. No the music
    wasnt the greatest, but I didnt watch it for the background music in the
    first place. Thanks for uploading much appreciated.

  15. jeff Set Free 4 Eternity

    Professionals don’t need to put holes in the wall to find the stud. daaa
    From the time the stud finder starts to beep until it stops, the center of
    those 2 marks should be the middle of the stud.

  16. jeff Set Free 4 Eternity

    I love how those 2 chix act like they were about to put the cabinet in!!!
    NOT I bet they are Stud Finders…

  17. At first glance it appears that it is peace of art that how to make our
    house more innovative.. I like the most drawings which is essential stage
    to make effective conservatories. I give two thumbs up for such a
    innovative work..

  18. Just need some shelves that slide now to complete the job!

  19. Starting at 2:46 in, dad marks the wrong hole. Watch the holes he makes and
    then watch which hole he makes his marks from. He is using the wrong hole
    on the right side after all that searching. Oh well.

  20. Valuable advice. Got great tips on this video.

  21. It is a lot easier to find the studs by pounding a hole in the wall. 🙂

  22. Lose the annoying back ground noise, good grief distracting

  23. kitchencabinetvalue

    Great video on a variety of topics the average homeowner would overlook
    when attempting to install their own cabinets.

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