Kitchenette Remodel 2. The Final Touch. How to install a glueless linoleum floor, step by step.

The kitchenette remodel is complete, you watched it go from pretty yucky to fairly livable in the first video and in this one I get the floor installed and i…


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Updated: December 18, 2013 — 12:24 pm


  1. Nice work you got
    I like how
    It is orginized

  2. looks great job well done JOE

  3. Melody Capehart Medina

    If everyone worked just half as hard as you then nothing would be let to do
    :)) I did not know Max has a buddy. Learned something new again, had no
    idea how you would make a pattern like that, way bigger than a little quilt
    pattern :))) Thanks for sharing!

  4. Nice 

  5. your a brave man…with a complex floor layout like that and using a
    checkered pattern ..looks like everything was good and square …well done 

  6. I can’t wait to see it!!! Counting down the days :)

  7. I worked with this guy in high school who would get to the job and pull out
    his tape measurer ONE time….Then he would bring the whole roll of
    material (carpet or vinyl), set it down and begin cutting…within moments,
    the whole floor would be cut, in place and perfect. I knew at that point
    that I would never be a carpet or vinyl installer.

  8. TheMichiganWoodsman

    Looks good Joe. Is the back of that linoleum sticky? Ive used those “peel
    and stick” tiles before, where you have to use a heat gun (blow dryer)
    after you lay them to get them to stick. Is that similar?

  9. Great job!

  10. It looks great, but not glued? it won’t lift around the doors?

  11. Excellent job! This is better than the glued down linoeum flooring tiles,
    those crack everywhere.

  12. I do NOT envy that job! 🙂 Nice work, though. I, too, am wondering about
    the “no glue” part. It won’t lift, bubble, or do anything weird?
    The only other thing that would be nice is if you could some how put a
    finish on those upper cabinets that would tie it in to everything else.
    It’s not crucial, but thought it would be something to get your mind
    working. ;)

  13. Well that is just so cool how you did this. We have a square kitchen more
    or less would have been simple for my husband and I to put it in our selfs.
    We still called some one to do it. Big Thumbs UP….

  14. If you have the space to do a template..Really good idea. I’ve done this
    before and just wung it with a stanley knife. Results were a tad shoddy to
    say the least.

  15. Nice work. I am gonna remember this method.

  16. Looks great!!

  17. Nice!

  18. BackyardHomesteading

    Great job! That looks really nice.

  19. That looks amazing. Would you mind coming and doing my kitchen floor? lol.

  20. Every time you moved that vinyl I cringed. LOL How are you going to finish
    the doorways? No glue? The original surface of the room’s floor was smooth?
    So many questions I have. Snoopy I guess. Thanks for sharing Joe.

    Stay warm. Stay safe. 

  21. Excellent!! That is a very nice job!! Thanks for sharing.

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