Let’s Play the Sims 3 Pets! Part 10: Home Remodel

Sims 3 Gameplay: The house gets redecorated and Stardust and Summer try for a foal! ♢ Twitter: https://twitter.com/SimSweetie1 ♢ Instagram: RealSimSweetie …

remodel home

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Updated: December 2, 2013 — 12:10 am


  1. Yupeeee!!! New vid!!

  2. U should swap the baby’s & Holly’s room so holly sleeps up stairs & the
    baby sleeps down stairs & also so that the baby is near her parents! 😉 

  3. I’m pretty sure if the waffles even had the Apples or Watermelons in them
    it wouldn’t affect the gender because it never has on my game, on there own
    they do, but never in like pancakes or waffles or anything.

  4. ok so when i think about cameron i think that he could never get anyone to
    date him because they judged him for being this crazy cat person but when
    he met robyn, she accepted him because she herself was like a crazy horse
    person, and they both loved pets, so he fell in love with her and they got
    married 🙂 

  5. I really love this LP! It’s deffo one of my favs of yours! So much fun and
    i really like the remodel! :D

  6. And for the foal.
    If it’s a male, name it Colt or Prancer. < cute Christmas name.
    If it's a Female, name is Shine or Clarice. < another cute Christmas name.
    (It's the girl reindeer in Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer)

  7. I looooooove this LP so much. And I love everything about it.

  8. Names for Robyn’s baby boy!
    Boy: Nick, Michael, Jason, Nathan

  9. how did you get the katy perry poster?

  10. lol isn’t weird that robyn n Cameron havina boy and summer and stardust r
    havin a foal (It would be cool if they were born together)[Maybe Robyn’s
    son and Stardust’s foal can grow up together and be Best friends] (PLEASEEE

  11. to get people to work at the resort switch households and have someone
    purchase it and then have them hire people to work there 🙂 and for here

    And you should name the boy Tarince , Vince or Colt :D

  12. Name for Robyn’s baby boy and girl
    Boy: Nathan, Jason, joss, Erik, Ansen, Chris, Nathaniel, Michael
    Girl: Kelly, Leslie, Taylor, Kayla, Katherine, Katy, Katrina

    Hope this helps :)

  13. Names for Robyn’s baby:
    Boy: Nick, Jason, Joe, Bryce, Will, Jacob, Mark :3
    Girl: Tracie, Avery, Ruby, Rachel, Emily, Taylor, Nikkie :3
    Names for the foal:
    Boy: Rudolph, Dancer, Prancer, and Vickson :3
    Girl: Clarice, Shine, Star, Moon :3

  14. Ellaliisa Rahikainen

    Sorry about alier… <—? It was my sister she is amm… I dont no.

  15. Call the baby boy CJ



  17. Don’t use watermelons and make him like a cowboy please

  18. Here are two names I really like for Robyns baby: Joel Or Josh

    For a foal Girl:Chloe Boy:Taco

  19. What abut kaylin

  20. names girl:Amy Emily Lily or Faye
    Boy:Tom Chocalate Toby

  21. AbbysRandomAwesomness

    Baby boy names: Christian, Porter, or Conner 

  22. name him jack or matthew

  23. I wanted a girl!!!!!! :(((((( :'( but name the boy Gabe.. :)

  24. The pet stove u gotta cook misty! 

  25. I forgot to comment last video I came up with majesty

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