Mobile Home Additions

We all love to remodel and renovate our homes to add some difference, and a fresh new look to them. However, many think, these additions or renovations can be done only in homes which are built on site and are stationary, for the simple reason that there is better foundation to these homes. But, have you ever thought of having mobile home additions? I am sure you have, as it is a very popular and upcoming trend nowadays.

Mobile homes, also called “static caravans” are those which are built in factories and are prefabricated. They are slightly inexpensive than the on site homes and are transported to a particular site of occupation through trailers, where they are almost permanent. These homes are constructed just like the on site homes, except that they lack the foundation which the latter possess. In this article we will talk about remodeling mobile homes with staircases and porches, to give these homes a better curb appeal.

Mobile Home Addition Plans

When we are making additions to our homes, we think of adding an extra room, or building a roof on the balcony to make it into a separate room, or building a second floor to add two bedrooms to the house, etc. These additions to homes seem very simple, because the foundation of the house is strong and building a room or floor can be easily supported. However, this is not the case in mobile homes, as they do not have a strong foundation and can’t withstand the pressure of a second floor or an extra room. But even though these homes can’t have a solid construction on them, there are many other mobile additions which are easy to build using the homes as support. We have put together these room additions for mobile homes in the paragraphs below, take a look.


Some of the basics of mobile home additions are that there should not be too much weight and pressure applied on the walls of mobile homes. Considering that they don’t have a stable base, these additions should be installed in a smart manner, such that there is no pressure applied, yet the additions stand stable. The first idea of additions could be porches that are very easy to build on mobile homes.

All you need to do is have two pillars (of any strong material), stabilized in the ground as separate foundations, at a proper distance from the home entrance. These two pillars will support a sloping roof which can be attached to the front walls of the house, and you can have a sitting area or a patio built under this roof. Considering the fact, that even though these homes are mobile, they are almost permanently occupied in one particular place, you could make a permanent construction for the porch.


Just like you can have comfortable porches and patios around these great mobile homes, you could also have decorative staircases built externally. Since, these homes are built on a strong trailer frame, they are at a distance from the ground. Even though, the manufacturers of the house, provide a temporary set of stairs which include about 2 to 3 steps, you can always make an addition to the house with a permanent one!

So, if you have a porch already or a veranda to the house, building a stylish staircase is just the ticket. As I mentioned above, constructing a stone, concrete or wooden staircase at the home entrance would make the house look very “on-site”. Another remodeling idea is that you can also have an external staircase to connect the lower and upper floors and make it spiral or angular, using absolutely any durable material.

Some other additions which could be constructed on separate foundations could be a balcony, corridor, a garage, or an extra room. But you need to make these additions legally, along with some great plans for accommodation of these rooms. So, enjoy these great additions in your mobile home.

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