Mobile Log Homes

Mobile log homes may sound like an oxymoron, but as we get further into the 21st century, they seem to be becoming more and more popular. With so many different home styles to choose from, there is a good chance that mobile log homes may have yet to appear on your home shopping radar. While mobile homes tend to have a stigma of “lower end” associated with them, log cabin mobile homes are being considered anything but low end.

With finishes that can rival even the most expensivelog cabin home, these homes can give you the style that you dream of but at a price point you can afford. Built on heavy-duty framework, the difference is the finish applied and the type of materials used for siding and skirting.

These features give you the option of having the look of a log cabin and the mobility of a mobile home.

Another lesser known advantage of the mobile log home is the ease in which even an existing mobile home can be made to look like a real log home. Whether you are an existing mobile homeowner who would like to update the look or if you’re thinking of buying one pre-made, here are some key tips that can help you make your home look like the log cabin of your dreams.

• Visit at least three separate dealerships or manufacturers
• Walk through at least 3 complete units—without the salesman—at each dealership
• Make sure you see exactly how their homes are constructed
• Ask for warranties on both workmanship and materials before committing to anything
• Look closely at details and ask about anything that seems odd or sloppy

• Choose a log siding that best suits your style as well as your budget
• Look for manufacturers who are trusted and insist on seeing completed projects as well as names and numbers of prior customers
• Ask for warranties on both workmanship and materials before committing to anything
• Avoid suspicious “deals” which could cause your home to look like a cheap log cabin knockoff
• Find out ALL the charges beforehand, including transport, trimwork, wood sealing and finish

• Make sure the place you intend to park it and the city or county building department approves
• Have a mobile home inspector check to make sure the frame and axles will support the additional weight
• Make sure your measurements are correct (measure twice, cut once …remember?)
• Treat and seal the wood—both sides prior to installation—against weather and insects
• Always buy from companies who have been in business for a long time
• Decide early on how you’re going to skirt the home for appearance and rodent protection

While these can deliver the rustic style of a log cabin that you love, they are not without their drawbacks. Unlike log cabins, log cabin mobile homes do not give potential owners the option to make floor plan changes or other style cues that make log cabins so unique.

Second floors, dormers and unique shapes may not be possible. If thecabin style is more important to you than cost or mobility, then the choice may not be the right direction for you.

But, if the option to move and take your home with you is the appeal, this may be your only choice. And these can be easily transported to a rural setting, a mountain acreage or a lakeside lot with relative ease. In fact, your second home location on that five acre parcel of mountain paradise may just be the perfect place for your very own mobile log home!

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