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If you’ve ever wondered “what exactly is my decorating style?”, you’re not alone! Today, people have a seemingly unending array of options, and often purchase furniture and accessories based on spur of the moment emotion and discounts or sales. Everything, it seems, plays into the mix. Among the infinite choices of color, finish, products and of course, prices lies the real you … but, how can you be sure you’re making the right decisions? By taking some sort of decorating style quiz? By asking a salesperson? Flipping a coin?

Discovering what “my decorating style” is can be a lifelong quest, but there are signposts along the way. Of course, your childhood influenced many of your political, food, dress and design directions, but you’re all grown up now.

You may still like those things from your past, but you may not. Do you have things in your home that you tolerate because they hold some sentimental memory? We all do. But (and this is the real question) do you put them in a prominent place or buy things that go with them out of guilt?

The next question is, considering all the different “styles” out there, is there even such a thing as “my decorating style?” In other words, do you believe you have a western style because you grew up that way and have a bunch of western things? Or that your style is French Country, because you inherited a complete set of expensive ornate cobalt blue dishes and a handcrafted French country queen bed? After all, you really liked those things once and purchased many matching items over the years. Or, you married a Minimalist, don’t really like that style, but love that person?

Well, that’s the way things get into our homes and our lives, but not so much how our decorating styles are expressed. In fact, the word “style” has been knocked around so much and added to words that most of us have no idea what a style really is.

There’s African Style, Southwest Style, Retro Style, Cottage Style, Victorian Style and about a thousand other styles. There is probably even a Lady Ga Ga Style.

But, are those really decorating styles? And if they are, can you mix them? And if you mix a few, can you give the result a unique name? Swedish Rustic Ga Ga, perhaps?

Shabby Chic and Tuscan have received a lot of attention lately and many people decided their particular style was one of those. The merchants soon followed with offerings—some not available in the past—and, in turn, new industries were born. Today, if you mention Shabby Chic or Tuscan, everyone knows what you mean. So, does an industry create my decorating style? Is my style subject to the random winds of the mercenaries? Well … maybe.

My decorating style, and yours, is a personal, private expression of many things, including comfort, family history, the need to be accepted and other things. How a certain decór “hits” us, however, trumps all of that.

There are only four basic styles; Casual, Contemporary, Formal and Traditional. These won’t change no matter what’s going on in the world of interior design. In other words, no industry, person or website can decide which particular “style” you are. Click the links below to see where you fit.


CASUAL – Decorating Cottage Style

CONTEMPORARY – Contemporary Style Decorating

FORMAL – Old World Style Decorating

TRADITIONAL – Traditional Decorating Style

Once you are satisfied with what’s involved in your basic style, it will be easier to define your personal decorating style. Most of us are somewhat eclectic and give in to the occasional impulse purchase, and that’s just fine. Style should not restrict. And, if you were to make a list of all the styles there are—and new ones are coming on the scene all the time—you wouldn’t get anything else done. So, perhaps naming your personal decorating style isn’t as important as knowing what it looks like.

This should free you to grow, change and add to whatever you have now, not worrying about what its called. Drop the shackles! Boldly go! Explore new ideas! “My decorating style” will be whatever I choose it to be … and is subject to change without notice! If someone asks you what style it is, say “Its my decorating style, of course!”

For more information on personal decorating styles (there are zillions!), search personal decorating style or decorating style ideas using the Bing Search Box right -> and, remember to have fun with it.


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