Nursing Home Abuse: Verbal Abuse

Verbal abuse in a nursing home is abuse, no matter which way you want to look at it. Yelling, name calling, degrading comments, and derogatory remarks all constitute abuse. There is no denying that people, whether elderly or young, can be frustrating, and we all want to yell at people from time to time. However, it’s detrimental to the sense of safety of others, and thus it classifies as nursing home abuse.

A nursing home lawsuit can be filed with the aid of a lawyer in the event of verbal abuse, whether it is witnessed or reported. Residents who have accidents or who are feisty and cantankerous are most likely to suffer from verbal abuse.
Regardless of a resident’s behavior, there is no excuse for verbally lashing out. Nobody wants to spend their time in a nursing home. We are all secretly fearful that it may one day happen to us. Would we want to be yelled at for venting our frustrations? Of course not.
Verbal abuse can be just as detrimental as physical abuse. Signs of verbal abuse include a heightened sense of sensitivity, fear, pleading with loved ones not to complain about conditions or incidents, and sudden sullen and withdrawn behaviors. Verbal abuse, even if it is simply a suspicion, should be reported equally as fast as physical abuse.
If you are by chance a witness to verbal abuse, write down exactly what you heard said and who said it, and call a nursing home abuse lawyer right away. They can guide you through the next steps and the case will most likely lead to a lawsuit. Verbal abuse dose not have to happen regularly to be reported.
If you witnessed a staff member break the arm of an elderly resident, would you hesitate to call someone for help? Why then would it be any different with verbal abuse? A nursing home lawsuit may still be just as necessary to help the victim move into a better facility. There is no behavior of a frustrated and angry elderly individual that warrants any type of abusive response from a well trained staff.

These are simple concepts, however it is remarkable how often people do not file reports about verbal abuse. Verbal nursing home abuse is still illegal and isn’t any better than pushing an old woman out of the way.
A lawyer is a good representative of fair and even guidance in the event of verbal abuse. Calling a nursing home abuse lawyer can often open up avenues and remedies and legal options that you didn’t even realize the victim would have.
That is why they recommend calling a lawyer right away. It is amazing the resources that are out there that victims of abuse are completely unaware of, and family members need to be able to step up on behalf of their loved ones. Even if you witnessed verbal nursing home abuse with another resident, do you honestly think that your loved one isn’t privy to the same treatment?
Even if they won’t admit it to you, they may very well be more comfortable telling the tales of verbal abuse to a competent and sensitive lawyer or counselor, as residents of nursing homes often feel they are already too much trouble.
However, sometimes presented with a caring lawyer or counselor, they are able to open up honestly. With their admission, a lawsuit can be filed and the facility can be held accountable for their actions. Often a lawsuit is the only thing that can hold a facility accountable for its actions. Threats are empty, as they have heard them all before. Legal action speaks much more loudly.
It can be very difficult for the victim of verbal nursing home abuse to recognize that they are the victim of abuse and that they have legal rights. A nursing home abuse lawyer can help explain this to them and help them feel more comfortable with the process. After all, they have already suffered through enough.
Victims need advocates more than anything, and as family members or friends, you are their best hope for a fair and safer life. Don’t hesitate to report verbal nursing home abuse.

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