Online Article Writers Tips – Creating a Peaceful Home Office

Creating a peaceful home office can make all the difference in the work day of an online article writer. Keeping your head clear is essential. In order for thoughts to flow freely, your mind must be as uncluttered as possible. Essential work at home strategies for online article writers should always include a peaceful home office environment. Whether you have a separate room to yourself or just a corner, tranquility can be obtained easily using these ideas.

Physically Blocking Out the World

If your home office is just a small corner of a room you have no door to close. Adults will often stand behind you, reading over your shoulder to see what you’re doing. Kids are free to stand behind you too. They fiddle with your chair and ask incessant questions. They love you and want to spend time with you.

You love them and you don’t want to push them away. Try creating a physical barrier. Rather than having your desk face the wall, turn it to face the room and your loved ones. The area behind the desk then becomes your private, peaceful home office space. Your back is no longer turned on family members so they feel included.

Keep it Clean

A cluttered office creates a cluttered brain. Keeping your office neat and tidy keeps your mind at peace. Try purchasing desk organizers to fit your needs. Every online article writer works in different ways. No two writers will need the same accessories to organize their home office. Once your desk is organized, you should notice a big difference in the tranquility of your home office.


Some online article writers like a little peaceful music in their home office, while others prefer silence. You can go online and get all kinds of free music to play at your computer. I have a personal play list at a popular online music venue. I like it because it takes no time to pick a few songs each day and add them to my list. I just click on the bookmarked page and press play. If you have no young children, using headphones can help shut out other distracting noises. It also creates a peaceful environment for those who don’t share your taste in music.


If you’ve ever seen the movie, “Joe Vs. the Volcano”, you might recall a scene where he replaced his overhead buzzing fluorescent lights with a cutesy little spinning tropical lamp. Online article writers need light to do their job. Harsh lighting can really make for a stressful work at home day . To create a more peaceful home office, purchase a soft lamp that illuminates your work without causing eye strain.

Decorative Touches

Whether it be a painting that makes you feel at peace, or pictures of loved ones, decorative touches can bring tranquility to your home office. Take the time to decorate your office using peaceful tones and positive images. The more at home you feel, the more peaceful your home office becomes. I like to place a small water fountain on my desk. I also play nature sounds CD’s when I need to relax and be at peace in my home office.


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