Outdoor Garden Shed

Using An Outdoor Garend Shed
For Pots, Tools, Dirt & Stuff

The Simplest Outdoor Garden Shed You’ll Find
If you have even the smallest garden on your property it is almost essential that you have an outdoor garden shed.

This is where you store all of the supplies to keep your garden alive and beautiful as well as the gardening tools you need.

By far the easiest way is to buy a kit. The small ones (below left) are called “vertical sheds” made of polyethylene or plastic resin and snap together needing few, if any, tools.

Some have double doors, built-in shelving and plastic hooks and snaps on the walls. They come in a small variety of colors, designed to not stand out and are almost invisible if placed well. Sizes can be as large as regular outdoor sheds and could provide ample space to work in out of the weather.

You can find a vertical garden shed or any outdoorgarden shed in easy to assemble kits at all the big boxes for a couple of hundred dollars. The big advantage to these is they can be attached to the back of your garage, along the fence or stuck out of the way in a very small space.

Also, they will keep everything inside dry, and there is virtually no maintenance. For more info, search verticalgarden shed.

Types of Garden Sheds
If that doesn’t appeal to you, building a garden shed, customized to your needs, is an option with many options! An outdoor garden shed is like any other outbuilding or outdoor storage shed, but made for the specific purpose of making your gardening and landscaping easier and more organized. Wider shelving, a work table or two and windows set these apart from the run-of-the-mill shed. Also, a gravel floor provides the perfect material to have when potting or cleaning the tools. If you have a tiller, lawnmower (especially a riding mower) or larger equipment, you’ll need to keep the door width in mind as well.

Windows can be installed and, if the shed is not insulated, need only be single pane. In fact a south facing greenhouse as a wall could act as a solar heater while providing much needed natural light too. Of course, if you live where it gets cold at night, you’ll need to consider heating options. If you’re a little adventurous you might consider making one side of your outdoor garden shed out of used patio doors.

These are sold on Craigslist, the thrifties and online. They’re around 3ft.x6ft. each and are double glazed tempered glass. The illustration (right) shows a 6 foot wide by nearly 8 foot tall (at the high point) space that can be enclosed with only 3 of these. A lot easier to make a patio door glass wall than a regular wall! Search used patio door.

Decide early on whether you’ll be constructing your outdoor garden shedfrom scratch, building from kit plans or having a modular shed delivered. Remember, this will be a permanent part of your property.

Sizing For Your Needs
Most people get a garden shed because they want to have a place for their car in the garage again. If that’s you, sizing should be easy. Take all the stuff – the mower, the bags of soil, tools, shovels, pots, wheelbarrow and whatever – and arrange it all so you can get to everything without moving anything. You may need to visualize a little here.

Now measure what you have. This is the best method because at least your shed size will have something to do with reality. The products at the retailers seem to look bigger in the store than in your yard … and nothing’s more frustrating than constantly moving things just to access what you need.

Now might be a good time to set aside an hour or so to browse the web. Floor space is a premium. If you’re even thinking of buying a riding mower, tiller or other big tool start thinking big. A riding mower alone will completely fill a 4’x6′ area! And remember this; whatever size you build your shed, someday you’ll need more space.

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