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My swimming pool extreme makeover from November 2009. Done by CDC Pools in Chandler Arizona.


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  1. Racist on the comment …I’m glad the mexicans are gone…. not workers,
    but the mexicans

  2. roadtrippinjeffro

    So if you call me an “American” are you being racist? I did ask the
    estimator when I got the original quote if they confirm that thier workers
    are all here legally, and according to CDC Pools they do e exercise due
    diligence in that department. The “Mexicans” I referred to are from Mexico.
    It’s not like I would ever have called them “beaners” or “wetbacks” so go
    play your racism card elsewhere sir…

  3. whats the difference if they are legally here or not? they did the job you
    wanted right? so do prefer an american or mexican who are here legally as
    opposed to a mexican who is not who can even do the job better? just a

  4. roadtrippinjeffro

    @wilberv84 Not that this is a political forum, but… If you check out my
    other videos, you’ll see that I actually own a home in Cholla Bay Mexico. I
    have my FM3 (sort of like USA’s Green Card), so when I go down for longer
    periods of time, I am in Mexico LEGALLY. If I were to get caught working
    there without an FM3, guess what would happen? They would deport me! I
    would never knowingly hire an illegal alien to do anything because that in
    itself is against the law. Hence the word “ILLEGAL.”

  5. I love the pool. I’m looking to get our pool remodeled and am curious if
    you’d give me a ballpark idea on how much they charged you for all that
    work. By the way, don’t sweat these idiots that complain about the word

  6. roadtrippinjeffro

    @ffeschultz Roughly 12K

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