Product Review: Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker AWS5B3

The Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker makes a great indoor and outdoor portable speaker for music, movies and videos while on the go or just as a convenient easy to set up a wireless speaker.


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While writing this review I am listening to my favorite music on the AR AWS5B3 portable Wireless Speaker, just the other day I was watching movies and Hulu Plus in my kitchen while listening on the AR AWS5B3 speaker as well. The Acoustic Research portable speaker works just as well outdoors while sitting back and relaxing or getting some work done around the house outside.

The Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker is a convenient and easy to set up wireless speaker that connects using Bluetooth, radio frequency transmitter or stereo connection to your favorite audio device. I have used the AR AWS5B3 connected to an MP3 player and my computer using Bluetooth, a PlayStation 3 wirelessly, and several devices using the stereo wired connection without any problems.

The Acoustic Research AWS5B3 Portable Wireless Speaker comes with the speaker itself, a radio frequency transmitter unit, two power adapters, stereo audio cable, stereo 3.5 mm to RCA connection cable, manual and quick start guide. The two power adapters work for the transmitter and the speaker itself but the speaker can also be powered by 6 AA batteries for true wireless performance.

The speaker works in two modes for wireless using either Bluetooth or the radio frequency transmitter and setting up for both is very simple. The Bluetooth is your usual pairing setup where you push the power button and you switch from Bluetooth to radio frequency with the front blue or green LED corresponding to Bluetooth or radio frequency.

When the light is blinking it is searching for the signal and when it finds it you get a steady blue for Bluetooth, pretty smart, and green for RF signals. The RF transmitter also has a green light on it to let you know on both ends that the signal is acquired so if you are setting up one not in sight of the other you can tell when you’re connected.

The setup is simple by just turning on and ensuring sound is coming from your audio device like an MP3 player, iPhone, PS3 or computer and then turning on the AR portable speaker by holding in the power button. Setting up either Bluetooth or radio frequency just takes a few seconds and you’re all set to enjoy music or movies at your leisure indoors or out.

The speaker is usable with batteries so you can take the unit out to the backyard, the beach or a picnic without the hassles of a power source. The system works very well from any of the sources I have tried but the simplest I have used is connecting between an MP3 player using the stereo cable.

You can also buy and use multiple speakers from Acoustic Research and use them together using the bottom switch to designate a single speaker as left, right or middle. I have not been able to check this feature out as I only received one speaker from Acoustic Research for review.

The radio transmitter has a 150 foot range using three channels to ensure a clear signal, I have checked the range and was very pleased to be able to listen to music in my garage while the transmitter was in my office. I used the Radio frequency to connect to the speaker while I was doing some work in my garage and clearly had a good connection through several walls in my home and the garage wall.

If I went to the second part of my garage or stood with the speaker behind the metal outside door of the garage the speaker was still connected but had a slight hiss of static. I think the distance of about sixty to seventy feet through four plaster and lathe walls and the garage wall is an excellent test of the transmitter and receiver built into the speaker.

The speaker sounds very good for a stereo speaker and it does have a bass boost feature from the two speakers which appear to be about 2 inches and 3.5 inches across. Music is clear and high to lows all sound very good while the bass boost does not add too much bass, just enough to give songs with more bass a bit more beat and depth.

The speaker does a great job at delivering clear music and voice but it is not a surround sound system so the stereo quality is great but not top notch. The speaker includes a weather resistant design so you have plenty of features for a fantastic all around indoor and outdoor speaker.

The water proof quality is more weather resistant, you should not drop the speaker in water or allow too much rain to get on it as the battery compartment door is not water tight. The buttons and design itself lend to the weather resistant design but in bad weather I would simply carry the speaker indoors to prevent damage.

The Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker does come in a few different designs and colors, with and without Bluetooth so you have a variety of styles and connection options. The AWS5B3 costs about $130 online at Acoustic Research and various websites but is also available at Lowes Home Improvement stores locally.

The Acoustic Research Portable Wireless Speaker AWS5B3 is a great speaker with plenty of features that make it a great portable speaker for around the home and away. I highly recommend the AR Portable Wireless Speaker for an all-around portable speaker that sounds great and has plenty of features for a great price.

Portable Wireless Speaker @ Acoustic Research

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