Roxy Music – Roxy Music (1972) – Remake/Remodel.


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Updated: November 26, 2013 — 5:11 am


  1. one of the best !

  2. I still want to know if the woman with that license plate number ever tried
    to get in touch with Bryan….

  3. I used to think Bryan was singing “CP Air, Flight 938” instead of CPL593H…

  4. I used to think Bryan was singing “CP Air, Flight 938” instead of CPL593H…

  5. There arent enough superlatives to describe this!!!!!

  6. @narozzz dont think so. i wuz deliverin some coke to some music people over
    there in london in 72 an theres this cool bentley parked outside the condo.
    i decided i needed me a souvenir so i popped that sucker offa there an took
    it back to arkinsaw with me. i still got it here in the house. people drop
    drop by an ask me where i got that funny lookin lisens plate an i tell em
    some bentley parked on a street in london. they think thats funny as hell.
    i never give it much thought myself.

  7. ROXY・MUSIC~様々なよこしま顔を魅せるファーストの快楽~~退廃ロックンロールの極み”REMAKE REMODEL”

  8. If I were in this new “group” in 1972-and I was a 21 yo. drummer named Paul
    Thompson, and I was the anchor of this creative blitzkrieg of a band, and I
    went to the studio and heard the playback of my new “groups” album that’s
    gonna come out soon..through million dollar monitors ..and this was the
    opening track..I think I would shit myself…that’s just me.

  9. @slimshadyrealrealrea Yes indeed thumbs up.There’s also a Day Tripper riff
    just before the end of Slade’s “Mama Weer All Crazee Now”. How about that

  10. And how much money do you want…assuming everything is mint condition on
    the unopened one? @shakychevy

  11. Man!…..Jesus this stuff was ahead of its time and so… different,
    sensual , sophisticated…I can see how it totally DID influence Duran AND
    the Pistols! What other f@#king band can say that? I mean say it and be
    telling the truth?

  12. It belonged to Bryan Ferry..

  13. 🙂 We were drinking with a friend, my classmate at his home and enjoying
    this CD from his father collection. But now it seems it’s time to buy my
    own .:)

  14. the aural insanity phase… love it.

  15. See here she comes see what I mean.

  16. rock. sexy. music.

  17. were we extremely lucky to be teenagers when this was released or what ?
    and especially in England and London in particular.the most exciting era
    for music without any doubt,and Roxy were a massive part of that.Believe it
    or not,Joe Strummer was a huge fan

  18. the graat paul thompsons drummer hits like a hammer lighting from the gods.

  19. We don’t have them like Thompson any longer. This song is so cool.
    CPL593H…. Ha

  20. I tried but I could not find a way Looking back all I did was look away
    Next time is the best time we all know But if there is no next time where
    to go? She`s the sweetest queen I`ve ever seen (CPL593H) See here she comes
    see what I mean? (CPL593H) I could talk talk talk talk talk myself to death
    But I believe I would only waste my breath Ooh show me

  21. L’entente entre Bryan ferry et Brian Eno était encore parfaite, l’harmonie
    semble idéale entre les 4 principaux musiciens, n’oublions pas Andrew
    Mackay :aux saxophone et hautbois, et Phil Manzanera à la guitare; en
    France Virginia Plain ne fut pas diffusé dans ce 1er 33 tour…

  22. Christian DelaRosa

    Another great bands that would influence me if I had a band…. Enjoy!!

  23. Wow I never realized how different this song sounds when I’m not blasting
    it in my ears.

  24. i was in heaven being all of 15 and seeing those 2 nights when Roxy Music,
    with Brian Eno, played The Whiskey. Eno was out front handing out Roxy
    buttons, which i still have. those were the days!

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