Remodel the Penny Skateboard

Mobile → http://vimeo.com/66625777 ♪ : Phoenix / Lisztomania シリーズ3作目。 40歳を目前に愛犬Jackの散歩用に入手したミニクルーザー ” Penny Skateboard ” にハマった半年目の記録。 Penny改って、もはやPennyでなくな…


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Updated: November 27, 2013 — 2:06 pm


  1. Awesome! 🙂

  2. こんな生活憧れます(^^)

  3. Denim as a grip tape. Never thought of that..great!

  4. dude, this is a sick video. Great idea with the denim for griptape. onya.

  5. genius}!

  6. Sendai, Japan 2:24

  7. I likes it before you made griptape

  8. I think the person who disliked this video slipped on their jean griptape..

  9. trop clase comment vous fait les skate bonaller continuer comme sa les mec

  10. tutorial pls!”!”

  11. すごくかっこ良かったです! 途中で使っているプリント技術はなんて言うんですか?

  12. ありがとうございます!シルクスクリーンという技法です。

  13. 204..i dont understan that bro, u can told me please

  14. what is the song?

  15. Guys, just bouhgt a penny, and of cause fall down first time. Has anybody
    bought protection? Is it really needed???

  16. Phoenix / Lisztomania ( Information Box )

  17. how many inches is the penny? 22″ or 27″?

  18. Protection isn’t needed, but if you get hurt badly enough, then you might
    wish that you did buy protection. You’re choice man, whatever feels
    comfortable to you.

  19. What did you use to glue the jeans to the board?

  20. They are the adhesives for floorings.

  21. Thanks! Do you think wood glue would work instead?

  22. I think that it is ok.

  23. when you go riding it with more speed and youre doing tricks and stuff i
    think you need to have protection bc you will fall alot in the beginning.
    but if you dont care about falling than it doesnt really matter. just do
    what feels right :3

  24. I think it’s 22 bc the original penny is 22 am I right? And at 0:58 the
    real one has the circle in the middle and the 22 originals have that. And I
    guess he made his own of that original board. 😛

  25. どうしてここまで乗りこなせるんですか? どうしてもpennyでオーリーできません。 nickel ならできるんですが…。 見ててとても憧れます!

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