Square vs Round Skylights


Until recently, round skylights were the only choice you had. Round roof mounts, round tubular shafts and round ceiling fixtures. That’s all changed. Today you can have a tube skylight in square or rectangle, and lots of other shapes if you have the money.

Manufacturers have noticed the rise in customer interest (surprise, surprise) and are designing new shapes with new technologies.

In fact, some of these new designs are even being produced with such new methods and cost effective materials that they, in some cases, cost less than their older brothers of just a few years ago!

And that goes for both round and square models.

The really good news for the DIY homeowner is that installation is easier, too. With either shape, you need only a saber saw (sometimes called a jigsaw or scroll saw), a cordless drill and a caulk gun. Set aside two to four hours on a sunny afternoon and you’ll soon enjoy free sunlight forever!

So, which shape is best for you? Well that’s for you to decide, as the main differences lie in the subjectivity of the user. Of course cost is a tangible factor, but if you’ll search around, you’ll find that, depending on the seller, the sale and the situation, prices can be pretty much the same.

One advantage that squares or rectangles might have over a round skylight, possibly, is that they are much easier to fit with closable blinds for skylights. If this appeals to you, then maybe the scales are tipped a little. Also, square shapes are easier to vent. Oh, and a 14″ square skylight offers about 27% more surface area (therefore more light) than a 14″ round.

The other criteria are all in your own head. If, for instance you have roundlight fixtures you might opt for round to match that shape. You might, however, feel that that might make too many round things on the ceiling and go for square or rectangle. Hate that ugly light fixture? How aboutreplacing it with a round skylight with an internal light? An internal solarlight perhaps?

At any rate, you have a lot more choices now than you did before. But one thing remains; skylights are popular additions to homes and offer light, comfort and even stress relieving atmospheres … no matter what shape they are!

To see what’s out there, search tubular skylight or new tubular skylight technology using the Bing Custom Search Box right -> for starters!.

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