Roxy Music – Remake Remodel



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Updated: February 22, 2014 — 12:05 pm


  1. This is just the perfect song if u want to air guitar alone, front of your

  2. Such a great performance. I’ll be seeing Bryan in October. I wish I was
    seeing Roxy Music back in the seventies though… Haha

  3. I read in a John Cale interview that Brian Eno became highly averse to
    performing on stage. Apparently Eno even broke his promise to Cale that
    they would perform their 1990 joint album live, causing a rift between the
    two. It’s hard to believe when you watch him shimmying in this concert.

  4. ooh show me…

  5. niezły panowie rozpierdól zrobili w tej piosence. szacun.

  6. Roxy Music at their best. Paul Thompson is my John Bonham.

  7. first track on my dj setlist tonight, completely stunning

  8. thats how you do it boys and girls

  9. really? didnt realize different contries showed respect to bands like that

  10. love his singing style

  11. Some local band covered this song the other night. I thought it was by the
    band, Television.

  12. i just realized the saxophonist quoted deutscheland lied in his little solo

  13. They didn´t know how great Roxy Music will become…..that dull reacttion
    is similar in videos showing Slade, early Led Zep, Deep Purple, New York
    Dolls & even Bowie TV presentations…..A lot of confused teenagers

  14. i reckon they’re afraid to compete with Ferry’s moves.

  15. Live

  16. Its just so killer!

  17. It is Bryan Ferry, no Brian

  18. This band right here; they were always thinking outside of the box. They
    always tried to create from not only within the rock and roll context but
    from way outside of it as well. The result is rock music that was rather
    removed from rock. That must be where their name comes from, it’s not rock
    music but it’s “rocksy” music.

  19. also i honestly think this song sounds better with the wurlitzer

  20. Apples and oranges, huh? But what is Roxy Music but Led Zeppelin from a
    moon of Jupiter?

  21. indie music community – friday flashback

    the *brilliant* early years of Roxy Music when the band had a
    McCartney/Lennon-like creative tension. Ferry pulling the band in an
    art-pop direction and Eno pushing more for deconstructive rock
    experimentation…it made for some damn good music!

    Roxy Music – Remake Remodel (Live, 1972ish)

  22. Somehow Roxy found a way to almost harness and control pure chaos. I don’t
    know of any other band that has quite succeeded in that except occasionally
    King Crimson in a totally different way.

  23. Who’s “Zeppelin”? Sounds like a german count. 🙂 Move over Floyd. It was
    bands like Roxy Music, Can, Neu!, Hawkwind and Harmonia that made the early
    70’s really interesting.

  24. I listen to Roxy Music more than Led Zeppelin these days but is it really
    necessary to take pot shots at bands like Zeppelin and Floyd? Led Zeppelin,
    Pink Floyd, and Roxy Music are all monumental groups in their own right
    that should be respected.

  25. Outstanding.

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