RV Tour Before the Remodel; Full Time RV Living Family Style

We are a family of three hitting the road in our rv! We will be traveling the country and sharing our experiences! Join us on our adventure and see where we …


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Updated: December 15, 2013 — 2:23 pm


  1. Great RV project! Can’t wait to see it when it’s done. The job should go
    quickly with your son “fixing” everything with his trusty crescent wrench!

  2. Good Project! I´m looking forward to seeing your progress and start your
    adventures. But please don´t hit the road too hard or you can spoil your
    good work….lol regards from brazil

  3. Traveling On The Outskirts

    Sweet Tioga and I can’t wait to see more videos!

  4. Cool, just “liked” the video. Looking forward to seeing the progress on
    everything. Happy Traveling!!!!

  5. @RVgeeks Lol! He likes to be just like daddy! He also fixes with a
    screwdriver, hammers and sticks!

  6. @loboguara11 Haha! Thanks so much for the support!

  7. @RogueRVer It’s going really well so far! We will post an update soon!

  8. THere is a good rubber roof spray on application.Works for years and cheap
    I believe or oyther spray on cans with water seal UNLESS you need new
    plywood first ?

  9. @corti1973 It’s not done yet. We will put one up when it’s finished!

  10. @RETIREMESOON We are looking into that! Thanks for watching!

  11. Great project to make it your own and enjoy some great family times and
    memories especially for the young one to remember for years to come.

  12. Oh yeah to save take out the stove and use a convection oven, and check out
    Rusteloeum $50 paint Jobs which wil save you money some rebuild money

  13. How’s the engine? Gas is at 1.40/ ltr here. It might be cheeper to get a
    new rv with everything a little more modern. But I look forward to see more
    of your videos. My father had a Volkswagon camper van and we had so much
    fun in it . It could sleep 6. Talk about your hippy Van

  14. Anything added from what you now have is all gold. Waiting for another
    video. Well done!

  15. Definitely get rid of the little hitchhiker… Have you seen the cost of a
    college education…? (Just kidding)!

  16. I know they’re gonna enjoy this RV because they’re doing all the work
    themselves pretty much, and it’ll be appreciated very much by them.

  17. Lets see some updates on the RV overhaul

  18. It’s gonna be nice to go camping on that RV…but living permanently there
    with your family…that is uncomfortable…best of luck anyway..

  19. Congrats! and welcome to the road! hope to see you on it!!!

  20. You R so lucky!

  21. I wonder of they realize how much those things actually are? They could
    probably buy one in decent for the Same amount of money that a new water
    heater, fridge, and stove would cost.

  22. I like this video…but I cant hit the like ..becas youtube wants to see
    what I do 1st …f them…also my coment need them to give it the (ok)

  23. did ya ever finish

  24. TheWanderingHaleys

    We do know how much they cost. The RV was free. The upgrades that needed to
    happen would not have been more than the value of the rig.

  25. TheWanderingHaleys

    5263 fail!

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