Self Improvement by Learning Assertiveness

Self empowerment by empowering yourself with assertiveness

Firstly, let’s look at what is assertiveness?

Assertiveness is the capability to express how one feel and defend/fight for his rights while respecting the feelings and rights of others. Assertiveness is also often associated with positive self-esteem and portrait a better self-image.

Why most people are not assertive? It is because they are afraid of displeasing other and the feeling of not being liked. Are you one of these people that is guilty of this? If yes, here is your chance to learn how to be more assertive. Next question is why must we be assertive?

Assertiveness is another important aspect of our personal growth because if we are assertive, we can get our idea and thoughts across to the others effectively without being too pushy or aggressively. We must stand firm to the value we have, but not to the extent of inflexibility. With this empowering element built into us, we can become a better person in life, leader at work. There are no specified methods to learn or techniques to master, it is your conviction at heart that brings you to assertiveness.

How to become more assertive?

1. You must first built a value in your heart, stick to it and don not sway from it. Make sure this value is a positive and empowering one.

2. Do not give in to interruptions when you are talking, instead you should say “Just a moment, i have not finish”.

3. Draw a boundary line to clearly define your own boundaries. Make clear to the others on your boundary and must not allow them to trespass it. Aggressive people do have their boundaries, but they defend it in a rude and overbearing way. Take note and do not follow.

4. Must learn to say “no” to people or ideas that are bending your values or principle, do not afraid to reject people.

5. Try new things that you have never done before, no hesitation and procrastination, just do it. Sometimes, you just need to take the first step.

You will live a life of influence, leadership, and gain the respect of people around you if you can learn to respect your own views and assert yourself.

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