Seven Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Seven Ways to Maximize Your Kitchen Space….for urbanites, apartment dwellers, and small-home owners, the heart of the home can easily become the bane of your existence when space is at a premium.

As one of the most popular areas in the home, having a functional area that provides ample space for food prep and storage is ideal, thus here are seven ways to effectively maximize the space available:

1. Expand

If possible, consider expanding the kitchen. Knocking down a wall or making a pass through can dramatically increase the amount of usable space in the kitchen. While knocking down an entire wall opens the kitchen up, offering you more freedom with how you want to utilize the space, adding a pass through is less expensive. If done correctly, the pass through can act as a kitchen bar or buffet area for entertaining.

In a home with limited space, often the stairs are situated somewhere along the kitchen wall, which makes it nearly impossible to expand the kitchen. In a situation such as this, consider demolishing the existing staircase and instead utilizing a spiral staircase. Salter Spiral Staircases are a great solution to an opening a small space, for they are fully functional and entirely classy.

2. Roll with It

Rolling carts, kitchen cabinets, and islands can be a small kitchen’s confidant. Whether you need more counter space, more food prep space, or simply a place to store your appliances, these rolling features are a tiny-kitchen owner’s saving grace. Wheel it out when you need more counter space, and slide it to the side when you don’t. Additionally, rolling carts can act as a pantry for kitchen’s that are without.

3. The Walls

When space is limited in the cabinets and on the countertops, look to the walls. Use the space on the walls and invest in a pots and pan rack, mounted knife rack, mug rack, and towel rack to make the most of the existing space.

4. Store Seating

If there’s enough room for an island, put it in. Not only do they provide plenty of much-needed workspace, they also can act as an eating area, and if the island is open underneath, as a storage area for stools.

5. Work the Cabinets

Corner cabinet space often goes to waste, for the area is hard to reach and forgotten. Instead, add in a lazy Susan to avoid wasting any usable area. Or, look to outfit the corners with corner drawers, which make kitchen supplies more accessible. If the space still seems unusable, think about moving the range to the corner. Cabinets can be placed where the range originally was making this a win/win space-saving situation.

6. Pint-Sized Appliances

If you aren’t regularly cooking for a crowd, go for smaller appliances such as a small dishwasher, stove, or mini-microwave. Look to mini coffee machines or French presses to accommodate as much counter space as possible.

7. Counter Ends

Instead of letting the end of cabinets and counters go to waste; add in a bookshelf for cookbooks or a small warming drawer.

Small kitchens can be fully functional with a few creative changes to make the most of what you have.

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