Simple At Home Detox Treatments

Detoxification allows the body to cleanse and replenish itself faster and more efficiently. Cleansing diets and detoxification treatments are often prescribed by doctors, nutritionists and health specialists. Detoxification improves overall health and helps all body systems to function at optimum levels.

It can also help improve minor disorders such as indigestion, constipation, allergies, oily skin, acne and occasional fatigue. At home detox treatments can also be simple, safe and easy to do. They may last for a single day to a week or more and usually involve cleansing diets with certain foods.

Easy and Fast Ways to Detox

These treatments are good for individuals who are otherwise healthy and also as a regular maintenance along with health regimens.

The skin is the body’s biggest detoxification organ and it will show symptoms of toxins and slowed or clogged body systems. The skin also needs care and cleansing to function properly. Exfoliating the skin allows dead skin removal and clear pores and sweat glands.

Make an at-home scrub with natural ingredients such as salt, sugar, coffee grounds or ground oats along with a liquid softening base such as olive oil, glycerin or moisturizer. Gently exfoliate the skin by rubbing the scrub on in a circular motion all over the body before showering.

Bath salts help to clean both skin and draw toxins from inside the body. Add a cup to a warm water bath for best results and soak to remove toxins. Slight sweating caused by warm water increases the detoxification process.

Remove Fat Molecules and Cleanse the Liver and Intestines

Adding lemon juice to water helps to break down fat molecules due its acidity and high pH and the citric acid helps to cleanse the digestive organs. Try having a glass first thing in the morning and again during the day. However, teeth should not be brushed for 30 minutes after drinking lemon juice as the citric acid can temporarily weakens the enamel of the teeth.

Eating certain foods help to cleanse the liver and other organs. The liver is the main detoxification organ within the body and keeping it healthy is important for overall wellness. Juicing or drinking blended foods allows more concentrated cleansing nutrients to be ingested. Juice or a smoothie made of apples, beets, carrots and garlic are part of a healthy detoxification diet.

Pectin in Apples Detoxes the Liver

Apples contain pectin, a compound that binds to and excretes cholesterol, heavy metals and other toxins in the intestines. This directly helps the liver by reducing its work load during blood filtration. Try eating six apples a day for two to three days or drinking freshly juiced apple juice for several days.

Beets, carrots, red onion and eggplant (aubergine) contain flavonoids and beta-carotene which are powerful antioxidants. Garlic contains the antioxidant allicin and the mineral selenium; these also help to remove heavy metals and toxins from the liver. A clove of garlic added to the juicer and added to apple juice won’t cause the taste to be too pungent or try eating roasted garlic for a sweeter flavor.

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