Simple Dog House Plans


With many simple dog house plans and kits today, it’s easy to build or assemble a home for your best friend that they will love!.

All you need are the right tools, some plans for guidance (or a kit), and the materials to build your perfect dog house.

You’ll have fun building a nice place for your best friend and your best friend will love you even more than you know! But, don’t just build a nice place. Here are a few tips and ideas to help you make it safe and comfortable, too.

Even simple dog house plans require a careful look at the size as an adult animal. Dogs need to have enough room to turn around easily and lie down … and a little space for a few toys. Dogs generally don’t like much more room than that. And, in the colder months, a smaller house helps retain more of the animal’s natural heat.

Make sure that the entrance is large enough (wide and tall) so that your dog can easilyenter and exit. Measure your dog (standing) from the ground to where the neck meets the shoulder, add 2″ and use that as height. Dogs duck their heads when entering any restricted space.

Measure across the breast, shoulder to shoulder and add 2″ to that for the width. Too small and it may injure your pet. Too large and it may not make the best use of the animal’s body heat in chilly conditions.

The height of the interior should allow the animal to stand up, not much more. And make sure, if its built out of wood, that you don’t leave any nails sticking out anywhere or splintery wood. If you choose to insulate it (which is an excellent idea) finish the interior so that you completely cover the insulation. Use 1/8″ or 1/4″ exterior paneling or plywood. A bored dog might eat any exposed insulation.

A do-it-yourself dog house is a great thing to do for your pet and the internet is a great place to go for help. Simple dog house plans for DIYers are all over the web. Search dog house plans. Some plans are even free! Really. Search free dog house plans. Use the Bing Custom Search Box (right).

Purchase the perfect gift – a $100 Gift Card at homedepot.com and wrap it in a set of plans. Great gift idea!

A Really Simple Dog House:

The base is critical to even the simplest of simple dog house plans. You must use pressure treated framing and elevate the dog house as a barrier against rot and insects, which can quickly eat all your good work!

Once the base frame is constructed, you should build the floor out of 1/2″ or 3/4″ exterior plywood.

Frame as you would any outdoor shed and sheathe with exterior paneling or plywood. Its a good idea to caulk the ends and places where materials meet after you’ve built it this far. You’re going to paint it, but its good to make outdoor sheds as weather tight as possible

The roof can be constructed several ways. The easiest is simply frame and sheathe it along with the walls. Designing a removable or hinged roof, however, will giveyou access to clean and replace bedding more easily.

Shingling is a little different. You can use 3/4″ staples (or nails) into 3/4″ exterior plywood. The thickness of the shingle will keep the staple from going all the way through. Remember to primer before painting!

Of course, the simple dog house plans will only take you so far. Once you complete the basic dog house, then you may want to customize it for your special friend. Consider painting it in two or more colors, add some carpet (even on the walls) for warmth and comfort, and you may even want to add a nameplate.

Even simple dog house plans can easily reflect your home’s style, and choosing a style that compliments your home will give the doghouse acustom look. Simply matching the shingles or adding shutters, along with your home’s colors will do. This may even improve your property’s overall value, and provide that extra “wow” factor when the home is shown.

You don’t always have to follow simple dog house plans you know. There are lots of fun and unusual dog houses you can find on the web. One is called the First Dog House, constructed to look like the White House in DC! There’s a Crystal Dog House made entirely of crystals (at a cost of more than $30,000)! There are lots of others. Search unusual dog house or any of the terms above using the Bing Custom Search Box (right).

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