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The importance of self-dependence should never be underestimated. When you have your own source of income, with a small business or a big one, you know for sure that you’re the main one responsible for its success or failure. So you put in that extra effort to make sure it succeeds. This article will share with you some ideas that the budding entrepreneur in you can explore. They’re ideas that housewives, teenagers, senior citizens and even working professionals can try out. Have a look.


A boutique with stuff that is not easily available in your locality is a great business idea. You can start off by buying them at a wholesale price and selling them off at your own ‘reasonable’ prices. Things you can sell can range from clothes, accessories, handicrafts, home décor, etc., among others. Make sure you establish your ground and let people know about your stuff by advertising yourself in the most suitable manner.


People never get enough of cake. So, if you’re really good at baking, then you can try your hand at this. Begin with simple items and then move on to further complicated ones that you can add your own personal touch to. Make sure to have a signature style, so that your cakes, pastries, muffins, etc., are recognized by their very flavor.


I’m sure you have a nice big bundle of newspapers lying either in your garage or in your store room. Make paper bags out of the old newspapers and sell them to any grocery store, food mall, your relatives, neighbors etc. Make them in various sizes so there is a variety to show. Write some eco-friendly quotes and paste them on the front of the bag. This will help stop the use of plastic bags and you can earn your profits by doing a really ‘good n green’ act.


Candles are something that everyone loves to spend on. Indulge yourself in candle making, and make different types of beautiful candles and sell them. You can further specialize in making scented candles which most people prefer gifting. Use various kinds of embellishments and again, have a signature style that people can easily identify.


If you have an outhouse or some area in your garden where you can set up tables and make a small bar, you could make use of it by turning that small place into a coffee bar. Make sure you know your brews well for this idea though. People can be very picky about how they drink their coffee, so make sure you can cater to all kinds of customers. Experiment with flavors and introduce a special one every fortnight to draw the crowds.


Summers are getting hotter, and one of the best ways to beat the heat is a chilled glass of sparkling lemonade. On weekends, set up a small stall right outside your home. Make fresh lemonade and offer to sell it at a very reasonable price. Try different recipes to give the traditional lemonade a twist, and watch people flock over to get refreshed!


This can be an idea for students who have spare time after they’re done studying. Arrange parties for children on their birthdays. You can make hand bills and distribute them to people through newspapers, or even at some kindergarten schools to fetch you more ‘clients’. It is great managing such parties, and the children will love it too.


Crafts sell like hot cakes these days. So if you’re handy with crafts, make handmade calendars, planners, small ‘things to do’ diaries, wall hangings, pads for writing notes, home décor items, etc. These things will help flaunt your creativity. You can convert your hobby into a job in this way and earn some money off it.


If you play the piano, the guitar, violin, or any other instrument, you can offer to play it at restaurants, bars, etc. and entertain people out there. You never know what it might bring to you. Another idea is to conduct music lessons for kids in the neighborhood. Show the parents how well you play and they’ll definitely send their kids to you.

Hope these ideas have inspired you to take up something as a business. Remember, it’ll all start slow, but with courage, determination, and hard work it will reach great heights. So, know what you’re doing and you’ll enjoy your business.

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