Solar Power Outdoor Lighting

Solar power outdoor lighting is an excellent choice to use to make outdoor entertaining possible and environmentally friendly during evening hours.

As an addition to an outdoor kitchen, it ensures that plenty of light is available for outdoor dinners and parties.

Energy efficient solar lighting also provides excellent patio and deck lighting, as well as excellent landscape lighting to keep the grounds lit up for security and convenience. Do it yourself solar power is a breeze.

How it Works

Understanding how solar outdoor lighting works is important for those considering this option for backyard kitchen or other outdoor lighting needs. All any solar powered lighting requires is a sunny or semi-sunny day and direct access to that light.

These fixtures come pre-installed with a little built-in solar panel on top which collects sunlight, converts it to DC power (the same energy used in flashlights and cars) and then sends that power to a small rechargeable internal battery.

As evening falls and the sunlight diminishes, the tiny battery kicks in and powers the LED light, discharging that energy. Reflective plates and lenses are often used to help enhance the light given off by the LED.

Pros and Cons

Before deciding to use do-it-yourself solar power, a look at the pros and cons of this lighting option is essential. Flexibility is one of the main benefits, since each lamp is a system itself. Lamps can be placed anywhere without having to worry about a connection to electricity. Since you don’t need electricity, installation is easy and can be done in minutes.

Solar powered lighting can be purchased very reasonably, often as low as a few dollars per lamp! They save money on electrical expenses with no cost to using them, making them an environmentally friendly choice. With the enclosed LED lights, this option is nearly maintenance free and they’ll generally last for many years without problems.

One negative aspect of solar power outdoor lighting is that you need the sun to recharge the batteries. For those that live in areas that don’t receive a lot of sun, this can be a problem. Also, the cool, subtle light given by smaller lamps can be fairly dim and even unpleasant to some people.

When you’re considering which lighting options to use with an outdoor kitchen, solar lighting definitely has a lot to offer. In covered areas or areas that are in shade, solar power outdoor lighting may not always be a feasible option. However, compared to low voltage lighting, solar options prove easier to install and they come with lower operating costs too.

So, why not consider mixing solar with low voltage lighting fixtures. In most cases, a smart mix will prove to be the best landscape and deck lighting available. Search solar deck lighting using the Bing Custom Search Box right -> for prices, options and styles.

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