Some people in a black luxury rental car with a New York licence plate just photographed our house. Help?

So here's the story. In July this year, our home was burglarised by a notorious gang. They took all of my mum's good jewelry, destroyed my parents' blinds, tore apart their bed, destroyed our front door, and cut the lines to our security system. We have had to pay a ridiculous amount of money to repair everything and only got a nominal amount back from our insurance company, so we've been very wary of possible intruders.

At approximately 9:45 this morning, some people drove by our house in what seemed to be a black luxury car (Lexus, Audi, Bentley, Mercedes, or similar) with a New York licence plate, and it seemed like they were taking pictures, because they drove by the first time very slowly and stopped, then turned around and did the same thing.

Here's what's really suspicious to me:

-We have nice cars in the neighbourhood, but certainly not Bentleys…. The people who robbed us last have been known to rent really nice cars so they won't look out of place.

-The New York licence plate seems to eliminate the possibility of it being an appraiser or a broker, as they don't usually go outside of their state to work.

-It's Presidents' Day Vacation, which would be a prime time to break into a house given most people are away.

-The people who last robbed our house were from New York, too.

Now, I've already turned on the alarm and we've called the police to scout the area, but who could these people be? What can we do next?

Thanks in advance!

First let me say that I'm sorry that happened to you. That's a really scary story! They say a burglary is like a rape of the home, and that it's hard for victims to get over it. I'll say a prayer for you and your family.

–You've already got a security system, but you say the burglars cut the lines to it last time? How scary! Your parents have probably already done this, but upgrade your security system if at all possible, and find out if there are any backup security measures that would work should the main security system be compromised.

–Let all your neighbors know what happened so they, too, can be on the lookout for these possible burglars.

–Get a lock box at your bank and keep all your small valuables there. You'll feel better knowing they're safe.

–Keep a camera close at hand and get pictures of these suspicious cars that drive by, and the people in them. Personally, I'd let the people in the car see me taking pictures of them–it might make them decide they'd prefer to rob a house other than yours.

–If you like dogs anyway and would be loving owners towards them, then get a couple of dogs. My dogs make me feel safer in my home than anything. Barking dogs deter intruders.

–The other answerer mentions getting a weapon, but if he means you should get a gun, I strongly disagree. Do not get a gun. If you had a gun, the chances are that: 1. the burglars would find it and steal it, potentially placing your family at greater risk; 2. there's the statistically high probability that if anyone gets shot with a homeowner's gun, it will be a friend or family member of the gun owner rather than an intruder; 3. if confronted with a gun, an armed intruder is more likely to shoot you than if you're not armed; 4. there's no point in getting a gun unless you decide in advance that you're willing to shoot and kill someone. Can you live with yourself if you kill or maim someone? Can your mother and father live with it if they end up killing someone? 5. You would have to take lessons on how to shoot the gun–are you willing to do that? 6. Chances are that if an intruder breaks in while you're home, you won't have the gun close at hand anyway–it will be in a lock box somewhere else in the house, waiting to be stolen by the burglars.

Good luck.

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