Stephanie’s step by step Kitchen remodel – Step 2 Installing Granite Tile

Stephanie shows step-by-step proceedures to demo old kitchen tile, install plywood and cement board, install a new granite tile counter top and a new glass b…


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Updated: December 4, 2013 — 12:00 am


  1. I like your granite tile! Where did you purchase it from?

  2. Nice video Stephanie!

  3. Very informative videos. Thanks.

  4. @johnbrakingground Thanks!

  5. very talented

  6. Located those marble grinding disks. I was warned against using a grinder
    faster than 4,000 RPM’s and was told to use a polisher specific for the job
    at hand, and one that sprayed water while polishing. But the granite I am
    thinking of using, looks exactly like what you used. The grout
    float….love your description of it: “Tile Grout Applicator Squeegee
    Thingy” The TGAST. Thanks for making and posting this video and I’d
    encourage you to make more. Very nicely done.

  7. Stephanie you are a “G”. Great video! One of the best how to videos i have
    seen. Much better than so of the dudes on here.I wish you had “how to”
    videos for other thinks in my life. Great job keep up the good work.

  8. Cool How Too,… But how did you install the granite front edge? Did you
    just adhesive it to the cabinet fronts or did you install some cement board
    underneath it? Not sure how to do that step THANKS

  9. We actually used construction adhesive over 1/2 plywood laminated directly
    to the cabinets. We used a 2×4 clamped to the cabinets to have a temporary
    shelf for the granite edge to sit on while the adhesive set up (about 2
    hours). Thanks!

  10. Stephanie…Can you please show a closeup of the tiled cabinets facing
    edge…That’s the part that really confuses me on how to finish off the
    edging and what kind of edging to use…Is it just a cut piece of same tile
    or is it a separate edge piece that you bought to match and does it go
    under or over the top tiles overhang….Thanks…any help would be
    appreciated….also I have a bar that is above my counters and it has
    rounded corners…what would you suggest for that kind of edging….PJ

  11. the tile grout squeegee thing is called a “Float”

  12. Thanks… the most informative video yet…

  13. Women in the kitchen, everything fine.

  14. Hey was thinking bout doing same to my countertop. Was wondering how long
    does it take to polish the edges on each tile with a grinder?

  15. I love this video! It is very informative. Look forward to watching more of
    your home improvement videos.

  16. Beautiful job ! Keep up the good work on home improvements . . . -oscar

  17. JourneyTotheTruthandTotalRandomness

    She actually corrected and mentioned that in the 3rd part of the video. Do
    you have any instructional videos that we can critique?

  18. Very informative videos! Thanks for posting! Where did you purchase the
    granite polishing pads that you have used in the video to polish the ends
    of the tile? thanks

  19. Steph, the thing a majiggie used for grouting is called a “Sponge
    Float”….. I have old tiled Kitchen counter tops with differing ideas. One
    day I will make a decision. thanks.

  20. i see what u did there

  21. New vidoes on themrhelperguy

  22. Wouldn’t granite tile look cheap with the tile links still visible ?

  23. dear lovely stephenopoe, next time you grind any masonry or mix large
    amounts of plaster, please use a dust mask… as the fine dust particulates
    that enter your lungs will remain permanently in your lungs and will end up
    causing respiratory problems down the road, which will make for quite a
    spectacle as you will be singing through a respirator ps. that goes for all
    the ugly bruisers in the construction industry also

  24. please wrap your hair while you are working. It is serious threat to your

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