Strong External Doors – A necessity of the turbulent times

Strong external doors have been, all through the past and the present, the single largest barricade that protected the house from invasion by, or interference from, unwelcome agents. Strong doors of cities and forts of ancient days were constructed based on the potential threats the city faced and the types of weapons the enemy had. Strong external doors, whether they were in individual homes or public buildings, were also communicative of the owner’s social status and economic condition. Places of worship, and other large public buildings, used to sport enormous doors that were ornamented, carved, sculpted, or fortified with metal all throughout.

Strong external doors on these public buildings obviously made the building burglar proof to a large extent. But besides that, strong doors in these buildings were symbolic of the separation between the sacred and the common public, as when seen in a temple or a church, or symbolic of the dividing line between the world of information and knowledge, and the world of mundane activities, as when seen in a university.
While strong external doors were predominantly characteristic of the era of gothic architecture, some of the universities and temples have still not jettisoned the convention. One of the reasons for people’s continued fascination might be the visual impact of strong external doors. However, strong external doors are still the best home protectors, even with the increasingly vigorous attempts of all countries to improve the law and order situation.
One of the main reasons for this is the seemingly increasing crime rate all over the world. Even with the advanced technology that is available in weaponry, for crime detection, and for communication, issues like burglary, street crimes, murders, armed robberies, house break-ins, etc. does not show any signs of substantial reduction, leave alone that of vanishing. Secure residences are the only refuge in such an atmosphere and nothing defines a secure residence better than strong external doors.

People keep their money and valuables in banks because they feel that it is not safe in their homes. And banks, in their turn, guard themselves from the risks of the present day insecurity with strong external doors. The manufacturers of bullet proof doors and blast resistant doors, that banks use, are steadily incorporating every new technology into the making of these doors. This is proof of the importance of strong external doors in places like banks, which are in charge of their own and other people’s properties.
The strong external doors of banks may be steel doors, or doors made of bullet resistant fiberglass with wooden core. These are available with painted finish, plastic laminates, or customized veneers. Manufacturers give peephole, view window, and door scope options for these doors. Since business has to be carried out during all seasons and all times, the only option for places like high security industrial units, research labs, banks, or government building, is to rely on more and more strong external doors. Many types of bullet proof doors like those fitted with a deal tray for money transactions and other communications, full vision or half vision bullet proof doors etc. are examples of this increasing importance of strong external doors.
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