Tera Online Remodel Dye Tutorial with Commentary

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Updated: December 2, 2013 — 10:47 am


  1. Nice, informative video. Both systems are quite easy to understand… Once
    you find the vendors. Nevertheless, I subscribed for future videos from
    you. I do believe I’ll learn a thing or two from those videos. Thanks, and
    keep it up.

  2. Your videos are cool, I’ve subscribed for future reference :oD I don’t
    think they are too long at all, you describe everything really well, plus
    you sound like a proper London boy which is my neck of the woods and that’s
    always gonna be a bonus :oD haha!

  3. i’m trying to change the appreance of this white level 12 axe i got into
    the appearance of this green lvl 11 quest reward axe i got, they both say
    remodelable but i cannot for the life of me figure out why it wont let me
    use the green quality axe as the appearance item

  4. realinterfacestudios

    Subscribed. You just made what felt like rocket science now look as easy as
    going to the mall and picking up my outfits. 😀

  5. realinterfacestudios

    I can’t seem to make this work like in the video. I have 5 different
    outfits, 1 being lowest stats, and 5 is highest. I’m trying to change #1
    outfit’s stats have #5’s. But no matter what I do, all outfits keep being
    rejected “you can’t place that item there” message… damn frustrating lol.
    You made it look so easy, and the game is anything BUT informative with its
    help/tutorial sections. There is no guide for these things online at all…

  6. Actually, in response to your comment in the video, having the item deleted
    on remodel isn’t so bad. If you got another upgrade for that slot, you
    could just reuse the one you are wearing as the template! So, you
    technically shouldn’t have to buy that template item ever again if you keep
    remodeling over and over again.

  7. There are some dyes that are permanent 😀 you have to make them or get them
    in eggs etc. I’ll try get round to making a video on it at some point, but
    the dyes you buy from this vendor are not permanent.

  8. but are these armours or fashions? lol if these are armours, are there also
    fashions on this game? pls let me know 🙂

  9. I have run into the problem that it won’t let me use any other item in my
    bag to change the look of my initial item. So if I put my ugly, pink
    leopard print armor with great stats in the remodeling ui, all of my other
    armor of the same type that is in my bag gets shaded blue and doesn’t let
    me use it to set the look. Any ideas? Really want to remodel both my armor
    and weapons but can’t. I figure it’s gotta be something simple I am
    missing. (and all items used are tagged as remodelable)

  10. No worries man, thanks for watching 😀

  11. i can’t right klick to preview the item. it forced me to buy it first if
    you want to preview D:

  12. So the dyes will last 24h of me being online? and not count down offline?
    If so that’s cool. I’m going to get this game next week when I can afford
    it. Also these videos are very professional and awesome.

  13. so how does one craft dyes?

  14. No worries man 🙂 thanks for the kind words 😀

  15. great vid, ty for sharing

  16. The item you want to change to has to say “useable as template” for it to
    work 🙁

  17. I’m not sure to be honest, I havent tried that one 😛 Let me know if you
    find out please, I’m interested now 😛

  18. I will have to say that WoW actually has it right with the transmog.

  19. No worries man, Glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  20. Maybe if you copy the item name and search it on terawiki or something like
    that, i think they have previews there :b But a system that would do that
    in-game would be awsome, for sure ^^

  21. awsome, thx alot man ^^ Keep posting more video :DDD

  22. yes it does, u will have to buy it with real money though or buy it from
    someone else in game

  23. awesome tutorial! Thank you! Finally I got it all @[email protected]

  24. and elins? =o

  25. Can I change the main model of clothes that I picked at the beginning? 

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