The Benefits of Living in an Apartment

Owning a nice home with a nice lawn has defined the American dream for many.  But it’s about time people reconsidered their views of renting and home ownership. There are many benefits to living in an apartment and home ownership isn’t for everyone.  Some people are better off renting because it makes sense for their lifestyle and finances.

One of the main benefits of living in an apartment is the relatively lower maintenance cost.  Home owners will tell you that home maintenance and repairs can really be stressful and expensive. The cost of maintenance and repairs depend on the age and the condition the house is in.  Newer homes are cheaper to maintain but they may be more expensive to buy.  You have to calculate how much you will be spending not just on the purchase of your home but also the cost of maintaining it.

When you rent and apartment, you typically do not have to worry about taking care of your own yard.  Yard care can be very time-consuming and not everyone may have the time or the patience to do it. Busy people can enjoy a wonderful yard in their complex even if they have no time to personally care of the garden.  Many apartment complexes feature landscaped gardens that are managed by the apartment administrators.

Many apartment complexes feature swimming pools and other amenities that are shared by all in the apartment community. These little luxuries are another special perk for apartment living.  Having your own swimming pool entails maintenance work that costs a lot of money followed by a lot of time.  When you live in an apartment, you can enjoy perks like this with other apartment dwellers. The costs of these amenities are shared by all of the tenants as well.

Location is also critical. For young professionals, being near a city with a pulse is a must. Rather than making the long-term commitment to a home, the right apartment provides the perfect opportunity to seize the nightlife and nix the long drives.

Renting offers great flexibility. People who rent can upgrade complexes or move to a new location much easier than home owners can.  If a person has been relocated, that person can terminate his current lease and transfer to a different apartment.   It’s not as easy for a homeowner to just pack up and change homes, especially if real estate is not hot at the moment.

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