The Best DIY Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

DIY kitchen remodeling can be a great way to save money, with the right planning. The right planning for kitchen design includes doing research, making lists, sticking to the budget and not skipping steps. Follow these tips to plan your new gorgeous do-it-yourself kitchen makeover.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #1: Research
The first step to DIY kitchen remodeling is to do your research. Go to the library and look at kitchen design books or go on-line to find kitchen remodeling instructions. I have personally followed directions from HGTV and the DIY Network, with great results.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #2: Make Lists
Now that you know the steps to your do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling project, make lists of all the supplies you will need. Make a separate supply list for each kitchen remodeling project. Make sure to note the quantities you will need of each product. If you are tackling more than one DIY kitchen design at once, go through your project supply lists and make a master supply list. This will keep you from forgetting anything from the home improvement store. A master supply list will also help you figure out if you need to purchase a larger quantity of something, to use in multiple projects. Sometimes you will get a better price on bulk purchases, saving you money in the long run.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #3: Make a Budget
The next step in planning a do-it-yourself kitchen design, is to make a budget. There are excellent and fashionable kitchen design elements at every price point. Be sure to set a kitchen remodeling budget that you can afford. Your new kitchen design is supposed to make you happy, not make you cry over more debt.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #4: Comparison Shop
Before you ever make a purchase for your DIY kitchen design project, do some comparison shopping. A lot of home improvement stores list their merchandise on-line. You might be surprised at how much kitchen remodeling supply prices vary, from store to store. I have saved hundreds of dollars by implementing this step, during my DIY kitchen remodeling projects. This research is a quick and easy way to see when and where sales are, on products you need. Be sure to make a note of each store’s prices, to help make your kitchen design shopping easier.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #5: Stick to Your Budget
Now that you are ready to shop for your DIY kitchen remodeling project, make sure to stick to your budget and your lists. Only deviate from your list if you fall in love with a kitchen design element and can save money on another product. This keeps you within your budget. Remember that most expensive looks can be duplicated with less pricey finishes.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #6: Discount Aisles
While shopping for your DIY kitchen remodeling supplies, cruise the discount aisles. Do not buy a product just because it is cheap, you will regret it later. The product may be of inferior quality or not incorporate well in your kitchen design plan. However, if you do find a discounted product that is in keeping with your kitchen design concept, consider it a find. The trick to the great discount score is to be flexible, but not compromise your vision.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #7: Buy Extra
It is important when shopping for kitchen design product to buy extra of some materials. This is to make sure you have enough supplies on hand, if you make a cutting mistake. Depending on your project, some kitchen remodeling materials you may want to buy an extra sheet of include drywall, OSB and leuon. Purchase extra floor tiles and backsplash tiles, if you are tackling tile-related projects. Tile is made in lots and different lots have color variations. If you have to replace any tile, you will want extra on hand, from the correct lot.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #8:Do the Prep Work
When tackling a DIY kitchen remodeling project, people are often tempted to skip surface prep work. Skipping the surface preparation process will only cost you money in the long run. Construction materials have a habit of not sticking to unprepared surfaces. Not laying the right foundation for a kitchen remodeling project can waste your time and money.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #9: Follow Directions
Following package directions is extremely important in DIY projects. Not mixing or installing something correctly will only cause you to have to do it over again. So save your precious dollars and make sure you read and understand directions, before tackling a kitchen design project.

DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tip #10: Call a Pro
If you ever find yourself in over your head during a DIY kitchen remodeling project, call a professional. Common kitchen remodeling areas, where you might want to call in a pro, include; electrical work, plumbing and gas lines. Do not take out a wall if you are unsure if it is safe to do so. Some kitchen remodeling projects are too hazardous to your safety, if you are not experienced.

Planning your do-it-yourself kitchen remodeling project with these tips should help save you time, money and aggravation. You can stay on budget and create the beautiful kitchen of your dreams. All it takes is a little prior planning and smart shopping.

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