The Green Boom: Why Eco-Friendly Business and Homes are Growing

 Las Vegas Palazzo Resort & Hotel More than a decade ago, it was uncommon to find businesses and homes that focused solely on green products, energy saving appliances and water savings systems. As a contractor, I’ve seen how the green industry has grown with both commercial and residential properties.

The worldwide market for green building materials is projected to go from just $116 billion this year to over $254 billion in 2020. Hopefully, that number suggests that more people will turn towards green building and sustainable practices in the future. Implementing green products and sustainable systems is a part of our planet’s growth.

In the desert, you expect there to be drought every year. Even with harsh conditions, millions of travelers go to Las Vegas every year. There are over 100,000 hotel rooms to stay in. Whether you’re visiting to spend some time at the tables or you just want to catch some world-renowned entertainment, you can also support businesses with eco-friendly practices and green products. The Las Vegas Palazzo Hotel and Resort made some changes to the way that it uses water to keep their outdoor facilities looking beautiful and pristine.

They replaced real grass with artificial turf grass in some areas and built a drip irrigation system with moisture sensors. Effectively this saved eight million gallons of water last year alone. This has resulted in the hotel being named the “Most Eco-Friendly Hotel in America.”

Homeowners are also constantly doing things to improve the green movement at home. Water saving is just one of those activities that anyone can participate in. Drip irrigation systems are also incorporated for lawns and gardens. Gray water from showers, bathtubs and washers can be reused to water gardens and lawns as well. There are even tankless water heaters that don’t store water. Instead, water is only heated when it is required. These wise choices are helping people reduce their carbon footprints all over the world.

Businesses are also looking for ways to create naturally lit offices and stores. With the use of big windows, sunrooms and skylights, it’s possible to cut down on energy usage. Many businesses developed their natural lighting schemes from eco-friendly home building that incorporated all kinds of sunlit areas rather than using electricity. Solar panel shingles are also becoming a popular way to use energy in both businesses and residential areas.

Powerhouse Solar Shingles have become more affordable and provide the tools for a more efficient home without the use of harmful products. With these types of shingles, you can produce your own energy from the roof. Many hotels have also installed solar heated pools. In response, solar heated pool systems are becoming more popular for homeowners as well. As technology has become more streamlined, both commercial and residential parties can take advantage.

It’s essential that people start to look at the way they live and choose green products. Sustainable building has come to the forefront as people choose to build new homes and remodel their current housing to incorporate outdoor living areas, solar energy living and water saving systems. Businesses such as the new Las Vegas hotels being built are continuing to innovate the industry. As the Earth’s resources become more depleted every year, the attitudes towards energy conservation and green living must change all over the world.

Authors Bio: I am an entrepreneurial independent contractor and home renovation/remodeling expert in New York. I’ve made it a point to share with my readers a day in the life of sustainable building. Forecasting the possible application and implementation of new green building materials and technologies is just one small part of my effort to reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Please visit my personal blog for more updates.

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