Trailer Living and Bath Room Ceiling Remodel

Just a video of us redoing my grate grandma’s bath room and living room ceiling in her trailer house.

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Updated: December 1, 2013 — 4:10 am


  1. where you from?

  2. @ericchevy1999 greenwood mississippi

  3. Is that beadboard you are using?

  4. @SanorahO yes

  5. looks good my trailer before looks quite the same as your grandma’s i plan
    on doing this in the future in my trailer sagging ceilings have been dealt
    with in the 1960’s trailer i live in

  6. Wow man came out real good

  7. looka like ya Gona Need to mop the roof with Some good tar or somethin

  8. Looks really good. I like the finish on the trim, and the beadboard makes
    for a classy look. She might want to paint the walls, so there aren’t two
    different wood finishes…looks excellent.

  9. Are those cross beams 2x2s? You can’t find the ceiling panels anymore.You
    can use drywall but homedepot sez not without using stronger cross beams
    like 2x4s.

  10. Thanks for posting this video. You did a great job shooting the video as
    well as fixing the ceilings, which really helps figure out what the problem
    was and how you fixed it. I just bought an older mobile home which has milk
    ceiling sag in two rooms, and will fix it myself, explaining my acute
    interest in exactly what you found and did. May God bless you and those you

  11. Thanks for posting. Was wondering how the heck to do this. Only need to
    replace a small area, so hoping I can find replacement panels that match..
    If not I’ll make due with what I can find and hope that a coat of paint
    will unite them. Thanks

  12. I have a double wide, and I’m thinking to put this up. Is there a marriage
    line in the ceiling? Any advice? Do you think I could use the beadboard
    that connects together or should I stick to the big panels and trim the
    gaps, like you did.

  13. i’m not an expert by no means,.. but i have done this to 3 different
    trailers, i have never done it to a doublewide, so i’m not sure how the lay
    out is in one, i’m sure there is a “Marriage line” in them so they can be
    taken apart to be moved, all so i have not done it to a vaulted ceiling
    which some double wides have. i guessing you could just let them meet in
    the middle and then lay a flat peace of trim in the gap, or some smooth
    plywood or something,

  14. Hey Y’all, look into faux tin ceiling tiles. That is what I am going to put
    up in mine. A little more money if you have it, but a really cool look.
    Good job for great grandma!!!

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