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Consider used kitchen cabinets if you’re just beginning to think about akitchen remodel because its one of the most important decisions you’ll be making. Just walk into your kitchen and take note of what your eyes land on first. Do you love what you see?

If not, what is it you don’t like? The color, style or what? There are lots of ways to upgrade—new cabinet doors, new paint or a complete re-do.

If complete re-do tops your list, think about usedkitchen cabinets. If you’ve not yet considered used items, consider this; when some people buy a home, one of the first things they do is remodel their new kitchens. Usually that means removing the “old” stuff and replacing these things with stuff that makes the area “theirs.” We’re all nesters after all.

It sometimes doesn’t matter whether or not the “old” things (the range, oven, fridge,cabinets, countertops) were replaced just last year or ten years ago.

After committing to a four or five hundred thousand dollar home, what’s ten or twenty thousand dollars more? This is especially true for those who entertain a lot. So, where do all those nice replaced appliances and usedkitchen cabinets go?

Keep in mind that these cabinets and things may have been brand new just last year, but just didn’t quite fit the new homeowner’s style. Well, believe it or not, lots of times the contractors simply give them to salvage houses and recycle centers. They could (and do) list them on Craigslist sometimes, but don’t always have the time, energy or or space for that.

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Now this is where you come in. If you’ve never spent a day perusing the salvage and recycle places, you won’t believe the treasures you’ll find! These places are usually packed to the ceiling with items that, once polished, look near new. Yeah … they may be dusty, as the “clerks” are mostly volunteers or minimum wage workers, but so what. Brand new cabinets need a little dusting and vacuuming before you put your food, dishes and things in them, too.

Okay, how does one go about finding these places? Well, if you live in or near a city or larger town, search salvage store your town (ie. salvage store dallas tx), used kitchen cabinet your town or recycled kitchen cabinets your town for starters. Use the Google Search Box upper right. Habitat for Humanity has a national chain called ReStores with outlets in nearly every state and hundreds of towns and cities in America.

Finally, mentioned above is Craigslist. A great place for finding all kinds of things, including used kitchen cabinets, as not only do contractors and remodelers use this source to sell from, but many DIY homeowners as well. The drawback here is choice. Usually there is only one of anything (like a group of used kitchen cabinets, for instance) per location, whereas the recycle, restoration and salvage houses tend to have several and you may be able to pick and choose only those cabinets which fit your plans.

The bottom line, though, is your bottom line. Getting the best value and having the best remodel you can for what you have. Remember to make adiagram of the space you have and what’s there now (see drawing right). Its a good idea to draw each wall, a floor plan and be as accurate as possible.

Your kitchen (and bath) are the rooms in your home where it’s possible to recoup more than what you invested … if you do the work yourself and be smart about it.

Finally, if after you’ve found the used kitchen cabinets you want, but aren’t completely enchanted with the doors or hardware, click on the links below for more insights and info.

You may even decide to keep the base cabinets you have and just change out the doors and knobs. Either way you go, its the greenest thing you can do for your kitchen. After all, you’re reusing and recycling! Good for you!



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