Vertical Gardening

Will Keep You on Your Toes
And Off Your Knees!

Vertical gardening can be created in so many ways! Even if you don’t needto make your garden grow vertically, you may just want to. For small yards, condos and apartments it may be your only choice, but think about all the benefits of having your garden mostly at eye level.

Is there a garage wall you’d like to hide? Or perhaps you have a chain link or low fence that needs to be privatized? How about a unique outdoor kitchen idea? Wouldn’t yours look fantastic with a wall of live veggies?

Besides the aesthetics, there’s some practical aspects too, such as having organic vegetables growing where you can simply walk along and pick ’em. Or flowers growing at nose level.

Or plants in pots you can just pick up and move or replace when you wish or need to.

Not to mention the pots themselves, which can be admired much more easily not having to bend over to do so.

Okay, so what needs to be done to do this project? Well, first you need to decide just what you’re going to grow. And, what kind of structure. Shelving, tripods, arches, arbors, pots and containers,gazebos, fences, wire cages, roof overhangs and walls to mention a few. Just make sure the structure is not tightly against a wall or solid fence, for air circulation, and that it’s in a sunny, or mostly sunny location.

Obviously large, heavy plants, such as tomato plants, wisteria, cucumbers and such need a place to ramble and a solid structure, like a tripod or heavy duty trellis, built strong enough to hold them. Vines, on the other hand, can climb nearly anything by means of clinging or twining around something. Pole beans do very well with tripods, trellises or arbors. Most vegetable plants when bearing fruit get pretty heavy and should have a permanent support which will look good even when winter comes and the plant is no longer there.

Hanging baskets are the easiest and most popular type of containers because they can be hung from arches, trees and roof overhangs, but you must be careful as hanging containers dry out easily and can be dangerous in high wind areas. Also, unless they are attached with rope and pulley, they can be difficult to get to for watering.

Good choices for vertical vegetable gardens are peas, melons, pole beans, squash, zucchini, tomato, small melons and any type of small fruit or vegetable which is vine growing, or bush growing if usingcontainers.

A really great way to start is to create a RAISED BED VEGETABLE GARDENING either on the ground or tiered, like bleachers. These can be built against a wall or fence or free-standing. GARDENING POTS can be stacked or set on shelves, hung from supports or even stacked on cinder blocks, rocks or even each other. And all types of vertical gardening methods can be NO DIG GARDENING. There are thousands (maybe millions) of ideas out there!

You can also create a non-structured vertical garden or add to your structured creation by using tall columnar evergreens, such as arborvitae or even columnar apple trees. Ornamental grasses and other upright narrow plants make excellent “breaks” to plants in containers, tiered bleacher type structures and architectural supports. Take a trip to your local landscape retailer or nursery, walk around, dream and talk to someone there.

Also, search vertical garden support type of plant (ie. vertical garden support zucchini) using the Bing Custom Search Box on the right side of this page for ideas on structures. And search Google Images or Bing Images for vertical garden structures and let your imagination soar (vertically)!

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