Wackiest, Fanciest Luxury Limo Accessories

The limousines of today are not your grandfather’s limos or even your father’s limos. Long gone are the days when a limo was just a slightly longer version of a car. Some of today’s customized limousines are really more akin to nightclubs on wheels. They say the rich are different from you and me; all it takes to realize the truth of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most accurate and incisive statement is to open the door and peek inside these limousines. Some might call these limos decadent monstrosities, while others might call them an improvement on their apartment or house.

Ever seen one of those Hummer limos? Pretty long and complicated, right? Well, you haven’t seen anything unless you’ve been inside. Stepping inside the latest in tricked-out limousines opens up a whole new world of limo accessories that range from the wacky to the what-were-they-thinking variety? For instance, kids today need never miss a beat when it comes to playing their Wii or watching “Finding Nemo” on those little DVD screens you can hang over the back of the seat. Kids of celebrities have it even better. Believe it or not, but today’s limos actually are expansive enough to be equipped with one of those large-screen plasma televisions. Of course, if you’ve got a television screen in your limo bigger than the television most people have in their homes, you’ve got to have something to watch. After all, what else would you want to do inside a limo except watch the latest Hollywood blockbuster on Blu-Ray disc with surround sound audio in the most sophisticated theater system on the market?

Okay, so you don’t want to kick back in a soft leather recliner with speakers built into it. How about doing some dancing? Dancing inside a limo? Hard as it may be to understand, the rich really are quite different. Most of us cannot crank up a stereo system, flip a switch to engage a light show that would make an Elton John concert proud and then actually have enough head room to do moves acrobatic enough to earn us a spot on “Dancing with the Stars.” And just to complete the illusion that you have stepped into – not a limo – but a nightclub complete, why not push a button and magically make a glitter ball descend from the ceiling? It sounds insane, sure, but for the right price, a night on the town means never having to leave the limousine.

Dancing can lead to sweat and enjoying a movie while perched in an electronic recliner can lead to joint pain, so sometime around 3 a.m. you will probably need to head to the back of the vehicle and relax in the hot tub. Yes, today’s limousines can even come with hot tubs that comfortably seat at least five people. And if you fear that you must enjoy the hot tub without having access to a flat screen TV or the ability to interact with the guests still partying on the dance floor, don’t worry. While the hot tub room can be privatized with a wall divider, that doesn’t have to be the case. And even if it is, most limos of this type include at least four or five different televisions.

Yes, truly, the world inside a limousine today is far different than it was twenty years ago. Many Americans could call a super limo today their home and never even miss their domicile, which has neither wheels nor a hot tub.

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