Want to Remodel Your Bathtub?

Are you tired of your bathtub? Do you want to redo it? Maybe remodel it and put in some really nice-looking tile? Upgrade it so that it’s like 2015 or better? Okay, if that is the case, I have got a great surprise for you because over the next several weeks, my buddy and I—so my buddy,

Steve White, from SRW Contracting—we’re going to be making several videos on how to install a bathtub, put in the new plumbing, put in the cement board, waterproof it, tile it,and then grout it and make it look awesome.

And we’re going to be sharing these videos with you, and it’s going to take us several weeks. It’s going to be a video series,but I’m really stoked to share it with you. And I think it’s going to be something awesome if you’re just flat-out tired, embarrassed, or panicked about your bathtub and your shower because I think it could help you out a ton.

So here is the deal. You should probably subscribe to my YouTube channel if you haven’t done that already. Or subscribe to my email newsletter over on Home Repair Tutor. That way I can keep you updated on all these videos and share with you the progress that Steve and I are making on this video series.

It’s going to be fantastic. But here’s the other thing. In the comments—so either in the comments over on YouTube (if you’re watching this on YouTube) or in the comments on Facebook or Home Repair Tutor—let me know what questions you have about remodeling your bathtub and your shower.

That way Steve and I can address these questions in the video tutorials and help you out. It’s really that simple. All right, so thanks for watching this video. I’m really excited to bring this video series to you over the next several weeks, the next several months. It’s going to be awesome.

And I can’t explain just how super pumped I am about it. So anyhow, leave your comment and hopefully we’ll be able to help you out with your project. Take care, and I’ll talk to you soon.


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