What Is The Average Time To Sell A House?

There can be many misconceptions among the general population regarding the average length of time it takes to complete the house selling process. A survey by the Times newspaper revealed in some areas of Wales it was taking an average of 300 days to sell.

Many home owners find the selling process a stressful one, due to having to deal with solicitors, estate agents and facing the prospect of buyers pulling out of a deal.

In recent years, the time taken to sell a house has increased, largely due to the credit crunch which is limiting the number of first time buyers entering the market.

An average ‘Best Case’ scenario

If you are lucky enough to have an offer made on your property in the first week of going on the market, which you accept, the entire process is likely to take six to eight weeks to complete.

Even if the buyer of your property has a buyer for their own and is ready to complete the sale straight away, finalising legal matters and sorting out a mortgage will likely be the main cause of delay.

As it is unlikely your property will receive an acceptable offer in the first week of going to market, and is it also unlikely your buyers will be ready to purchase straight away, it is wise to plan ahead and expect delays.

An average and more realistic time to complete the whole process is 3-4 months.

For those who do not have the time to wait (for whatever reason), a home buyer like Quick Property Sale will be a welcome option, as we can guarantee to buy your property within weeks (even days), leaving you completely free to move into your next property.

What affects sale time?

There are a multitude of factors that could potentially affect the time it takes to sell a house, some the seller will have influence over, others not.
* The most obvious factor that will either attract or put off buyers is the asking price, too low and you risk unnecessarily losing money, too high and your property is sure to sit on the market unsold. Get a professional valuation of your property to avoid pricing either too far under or above what you should realistically be asking for.
* Your house should of course be immaculately clean and tidy. Additionally, common advice is too ‘de-personalise’ somewhat, leave only a small handful of photo’s about the house.
* Be as flexible as possible in the times you allow viewings. Simple maths says the more people who view the property the greater your chances of finding an interested buyer.
* Contact your estate agent and ask for feedback from people who viewed your property. You may find a pattern in the feedback received that you can act upon to make your house more attractive.

Avoid the process altogether

For any seller it is worth remembering that there are alternatives to the typical route of selling via an estate agent. By far the fastest and simplest path to selling your property is to sell to a home buyer such as Quick Property Sale. Taking this route will avoid any of the potential pit falls of deals falling through, struggles to find interested buyers and fluctuations in house prices as the entire selling process can potentially be completed in a matter of days. Additionally there will be no fees to pay or third parties such as solicitors or estate agents to deal with, alleviating these stress factors.

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