What is the Best Home-based school?

It only needs a few requirements

1. Not too costly per grade (max few hundred dollars)

2. accredited (counts towards highschool)

3. Home based ONLY

Thanks; in advanced

With respect, and not meant as a snippy answer – home schooling is not a good alternative unless there are very specific reasons for it – isolation, extreme special needs (physical) or other similar conditions.

Children raised without socialization and interaction with their peers in a learning environment will suffer later in life when the supports and shelter offered by a home-school environment are removed. I understand that this is not what you want to read – but it is a brutal reality.

When I was working overseas, we had a 600-student international school on the compound I managed. As it happened, many of the students in that school also lived on-compound – about 200 of the 600. For the first few months I was there, we had a pretty severe bullying problem coupled with some minor vandalism. It is very nearly impossible to hide this sort of activity in a walled compound of 1000 people – so the responsible parties were determined in short order.

All (repeat, all) of them were home-schooled prior and during their stay on-compound – for a variety of reasons both political and religious, not physical. Two were from Canada (brother and sister), four from South Africa, one from Australia. Eventually, I required that all of them had to put their children in the school – and offered to pay 1/2 the (substantial) tuition to that end – or leave the compound. The Australian and one South African family left. The rest stayed and the problem ended – entirely and very quickly. We heard later on that the SA family had been deported due to the behavior of their children.

So, please consider the social and teamwork benefits of communal schooling, as well as opportunities for organized sports, clubs and other activities and critical exposure to different cultures and outlooks. You are forming your child's outlook on life, their community and the world in general. And none of those things will go away, nor can they be mitigated in their effects as you child grows older. Your job is to give your children the tools they need to flourish under even difficult conditions, not to shield or shelter them until they are rendered effectively unable to handle real life.

Best of luck and I wish you and yours well in whatever choice you make.

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