What to Expect When Moving in Together as a Couple

When two individuals decide to move in together there is a lot of time and planning which often has to go into a move such as this one. Not only does the couple need to decide where they are going to live but how they are going to set up their new home. The following will highlight some considerations the couple needs to make with regard to setting up the home and how they can do so in the easiest way possible.

Eliminate Unnecessary Individual Furnishings Prior to the Move
The first step that couples should take prior to moving in together is to eliminate any and all furnishings that they know will not be needed in the new home. Since individuals will often have different styles of furniture from one another, it is important to decide which items will be kept and which will be eliminated. For example, if the new apartment only has one bedroom, there is no need for two king size beds in the home and therefore one of these items can be donated or sold.
Decide on a Set Style for the Overall Home
It is also a good idea to determine what style the couple wishes to decorate their home in. This will help to determine which furnishings to keep or buy and make it easier to set up the new home by having one set style to go with. It is best to discuss this issue with one another and come to a decision so that both individuals are happy with the final selection as the new home should reflect the styles of both individuals.
Make a Sketch of the Home
One of the best ways to figure out what furniture items will be placed where within the home is to make a sketch of the interior of the home. Take note of what furniture pieces each individual currently owns and which ones will be kept. Try to sketch out where all of the furniture will go. This way you can see what space you have left within the home and which furnishings you may want to purchase in order to complete the overall look of the interior.

Consider Picking a Theme for the Home or Some of the Rooms
A fun way to decorate the home is to have a set theme in mind whether it be for the entire house or apartment or simply one or two rooms in the home. An agreed upon theme allows the couple to set something up which is unique to their individual tastes and have fun while putting it all together. The theme can be a favorite sports team or island-inspired theme, for example.
Shopping for the Furnishings
Once the couple has agreed upon what furniture they wish to keep and what theme they want to go with, the next step to setting up the new residence is shopping for the furniture pieces. Before setting out for the store, the couple should determine what budget they are going to stick with when it comes to purchasing the items and determine how best to buy all that they need while staying within that set budget. If the individuals know exactly what type of items they want to buy, a great way to save money on furniture purchases and other home accent pieces is to buy items through online retailers. Many online shops will offer web-only specials which allow the individuals to get a great deal on their online purchases. If buying heavy furniture items, it is a wise idea to choose retailers which offer free shipping so that shipping costs will remain low if not nonexistent.
Set Up the Home
The final step is placing all of the items within the home in their proper locations. Since the couple most likely will have sketched out where they want everything to go, this final part of the process is quite simple. The end result will be a tasteful new home setting for the couple to enjoy together.
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