Why do some autistic children do better at school rather than home?

My daughter was just diagnosed with high functioning autism. She is nine years old and in the fourth grade. She does really well in school to the point her teacher does not notice any symptoms. When she is at home however it is a different story. Somedays it is a Sensory Overload. How can I make the transition from school to home easier for her? What can I do differently at home so we don't have so many meltdowns.

1st off dont let the label fool you, it can be decieving and as I found out (4 different diagnosis) They are quick to label but not so quick to give you tools. Structure seems to help with my son and as you said very good in school. Excitability seems to be a problem with him and it leads to impulsiveness = a sensory overload. the best tools that ive had have been in a book called the out of sync child and the out of sync child has fun. they help you gain a better understanding of the reasons for an overload and how to get them back. with my son pressure sensitivity has a big part of it. Sometimes I need him to give me a big strong hug and it will bring him back as well as a set of rules posted in the house that we have gone over and punishments (ie: priveleges taken away) when house rules are broken as well as priveleges given when extra chores are completed (he is 8yrs old) Also, if they know what buttons to push on you they will push them. So try (i know its hard) not to show anger emotions just use a in control voice. With mine yelling will set him off and he will get very excited. Try the books they will help and try as much structure and routine as possible ie) get off the bus, then snack, then play time, then homework then however your day might go. Positive reinforcement is a must with these guys make sure you take time out just for her, just play time, no questions asked, just conversation, say things like purple is my favorite color and lt her start conversation from there even 15 min a day will help. do this with no questions asked and no telling her what to do just simple conversation you will be amazed at what you talk about. If you need anything else feel free to e-mail me. good luck!

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