Will your new 3D TV be worth the cost?

Advances in consumer electronics over the past decade have been staggering, with high definition and now 3D TVs becoming common sights in many households. One unfortunate consequence of keeping up with the latest tech trends is that it can make your home a more tempting target for criminals – but that doesn’t need to pose a problem as long as you take steps to secure your property.

In the past, criminals have often avoided stealing televisions due to their bulk and weight, favouring lighter and more easily removed items. The advent of lighter flat-screen digital TVs could change all that, however, and now even if your TV is large or fixed to the wall, it can still be a key focus of attention for opportunists.

3D TVs are one of the latest breakthroughs to hit the UK, and are already being eagerly snapped up by trend-setters and tech savvy consumers, despite their steep prices – around £1,799 for some models, plus the expense of 3D glasses and Blu-ray players to go with them. Money may seem like no object to those eager to spend their disposable income, but it would be a great disappointment if the new luxury device was stolen. That’s not to say those with 3D TVs need to unnecessarily live in fear of being parted from their new possession – as long as they take steps to safeguard their homes against break-ins.

Because most criminals are opportunists, simply taking steps to ensure all your doors and windows are locked at all times can be a deterrent in itself, though is by no means sufficient to comprehensively protect your home and contents. Investing in anti-burglar devices such as automatic lights, which switch on to give the illusion of occupancy even if you’re absent for extended periods, can also make burglars think twice before attempting a break-in.

Even if the unfortunate does occur and your home becomes a target, there are preventative steps that can be taken to minimise your losses. You can receive compensation in the event of theft by taking out home and contents insurance on your belongings, something that can be considered essential if your home contains goods like a 3D TV.

When you look to take out insurance, be sure to check for the most competitive home insurance quotes before applying or upgrading your existing policy. If making a claim for theft, it’s best to respond promptly and calmly, taking photos of the targeted areas and providing the police and your insurer with a comprehensive list of the items taken.

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